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For many years I had various minor health problems which slowly worsened until one day I got the flu and found I could not shake it off. I then became more and more ill with many severe symptoms - so severe that I was forced to resign from my job and I struggled to socialize with people. Allopathic medicine had no clue or understanding of my problems. Fortunately, I have always been a person with an enquiring mind, a love for reading, a refusal to accept negativity as an answer for anything and stubbornness AND A DETERMINATION that kept me searching and searching for answers.
And so I started on the search to try and understand what had happened to change me physically and emotionally. Previously I had been relaxed, confident, outgoing, energetic, cheerful, relaxed, fit (although not so healthy) and generally just having a ball! Or was I? On my emotional rollercoaster journey I am forced to question the person I thought I was.
Eventually I realised that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia - the two are often linked. It took a while to realise that something like this could happen to me! I started fighting desperately against the illness - wanting once more to be “in control!” I start off by seeing a homeopath who diagnosed me as having a very toxic liver, weak adrenals, an upside down hormonal system, bad inflammation causing arthritis, a generally acidic system causing other general aches and pains and very bad circulation. I was put onto a strict diet and had to take quite a few homeopathic medications. However, this was just the beginning. The treatment was simply not enough to cleanse my body and mind of the years of toxic build up that I had been unable to get rid of.  From there I went from one therapist to another with most of them helping me - sometimes emotionally - sometimes physically - sometimes both. 
My far sight which had always been good, started blurring now, my lymph glands were often tender and inflamed, I bruised easily, I became very sensitive to noise, crowded places, too cold or too hot weather, and bright lights. I felt ‘fluey’ all the time with watery sore eyes, headache and the total brain fog.   Most of the time I preferred a quiet routine with everything in its place – the slightest change would stress me out. No longer did I sleep like the dead, but I slept very lightly and often woke up in the early hours,  battling to go back to sleep. 
Slow to think – slow to move – I no longer recognised my ‘self’ –  I was like an old sick woman with Alzheimer’s. I carried on reading my health books, magazines, brochures and information on the internet. I could not always comprehend what I was reading – I could not read a book from front to back – I preferred to jump around and read chapters here and there – I could only concentrate for about an hour at a time – I could not remember much of what I read (which is why I re-read the same books many times, they became like old friends these books!), but very slowly I started getting a broad outline of general health and healing methods, becoming more interested and fascinated as I read. I was starting to understand more and more, but it was still all confusing. Although I now knew what my illness was (Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), what must my next step be?  Whom should I see? It seemed the more I learnt, the harder it was to make a choice – the wrong choice would be a waste of time, money and energy. All had to be carefully guarded.

Simple? No – it’s taken me six years of treatments and seeing therapists to get where I am today – well again with renewed health and vitality!
Slowly, very slowly my health improved.     

Author - Barbara Shepherd

Published - 2014-02-20