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NBSR: Past Life Regression is often recommended for a persistent problem or situation that you can not understand.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing you have a problem, thinking you've solved it, and then finding that the problem is unchanged. If the exasperating clarity of hind-sight shows you that what you were doing did not work, you need to look at your  problem on a much deeper level.

Reincarnation explains why some people find a certain problem easy to overcome, and other people struggle with the same problem. These are the principles of reincarnation as applied to problem solving with Past Life Regression:

  • Karma: Everything you think, say, and do, will be thought, said, and done to you
  • Time: There is no time, only what what we perceive as the chronology of events happening one after another. Therefore, the Karma of a past life action may only occur in this life
  • Choice: It is our own desire that causes us to return from spirit into life again. The most powerful desire, for example to be with someone we love, will be the most powerful recurring theme in that life. We have many desires, so life is quite complicated...
  • Desire: After each life, we review everything that happened in that life, without the distortion of ego. It is said that we have 7 times more clarity than we had the moment it happened. This review creates the desire to reincarnate, for example to make things right; get revenge; life peacefully; etc
  • Amnesia: In almost all cases, when we come into a life as a baby we forget most of our experience in the spirit world, and during childhood, we forget the rest of it. In exceptional cases like the Dali Lama, a soul can remember such detail as personal possessions from his or her past life.
  • The Akashic Records: Everything that has ever happened is recorded, much like security camera footage, except that the medium on which the data is recorded, is consciousness. To access your records of a past life, you must shift your consciousness to a deeper state. Theta state is ideal for past life regression.

Source: The Tibetan Book Of The Dead



To engage in a journey of discovering the real truth about your past beyond this life, what you need is somehow to 'switch off' your imagination, so that it can not interfere with your observation of real memories. This makes NBSR the perfect setting for Past Life Regression.


Author - Andrew Wilding

Published - 2014-04-18