Natural Walking: What Makes It Different?

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Natural Walking:  What Makes It Different?

Our human body is extraordinary with natural self-healing functions, however many of us are not allowing this process to happen effectively. Meridians are the natural energy pathways of the body, when stimulated; it can awaken the natural self-healing functions of the body. In reflexology, the reflexes of the body organs are on the very feet that we use in walking every day. We need to stimulate all of these body organs' meridians; this is precisely why we need to start walking properly.

Just as eating should not be about merely putting food into our mouth but more about a proper nutrition intake to stay healthy, walking should not be about merely moving our legs and feet to arrive at a destination. Walking should be done properly to allow its natural and beneficial functions to be activated, giving not only physical health benefits but also mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Many people are still unaware that they can reap these benefits through proper natural walking

- Corrects, rejuvenates and refreshes all parts of our body
- Tones and shapes our body
- Improves our body posture, metabolism and digestion
- Improves the quality of sleep and the ability of our body to heal itself naturally
- Cleanses and calms our mind
- Cleanses negative emotions and thoughts from our subconscious
- Opens and calms our heart more completely
- Improves swelling, blood sugar level, and leg or knee pains
- Body shape and metabolism: Your body will be more proportional and toned
- Posture: Fixing your back and spine that will automatically; corrects the way we sit and sleep

Blood circulation / Breathing
Blood circulation, breathing, extraction, absorption and distribution of oxygen in your whole body

Natural healing system of the Body
Making all the meridians swifter, improving your health

Naturally improve quality of sleep & helps people who sleep too much

Connection to the Earth
Improving both your nonphysical and physical body connection
to the Earth

Reducing Pain
In your hips, knees, legs, feet especially caused by improper walking and posture

Cellulite and varicose veins
Prevented and reduced through better circulation

Prevents problems
Caused by improper walking / posture etc

Clearer mind
Not busy, less tension, and harder for negative thoughts to surface

Improving concentration
A clearer mind allows for better focus and happiness

Clearing of
Existing emotions quickly and easily

Negative emotions from surfacing unconsciously

"I've had years of neck pain, when I move my neck muscles I can feel pain and discomfort. After the first session of Secrets of Natural Walking, all the pain completely disappeared and healed even until now.
What I most liked was that the wrinkles that pointed downwards around my lips that were previously there from ageing have been lifted slightly, my face looks sweeter as if it is naturally smiling.

When I am not practicing, I make sure I remember to step with my heels first in my daily life.

All the pains have disappeared..."
- Rusmala Dewy

"From my experience, the walking practice has given me the following benefits:
- No more pain in my right knee
- Better balance (ie greater body core strength). This is important as I am now 63 years old.
- Less shoulder pain
- Much better posture (my posture was quite hunched)
I am very grateful to have participated and will continue the practice
More than I had ever hoped!"
- Diana Forsyth

"When I first learnt how to walk naturally, I found it difficult to believe that something so easy and simple would result in so many benefits for me. Previously, I used to go to the gym 4 times a week to attend 1 hour sessions of aerobics, yoga or muscle pump to help maintain my body weight. However, I wanted to tone my body further and found it impossible to reduce the weight around my hips.
I was determined to achieve this and even tried very expensive body shaping corsets and various “shaping” creams with no real change in the size of my hips.
I initially started walking naturally for half an hour each day because it helped my heart feel freer but after a couple of weeks, I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that my hips and thighs had become smaller and my overall body shape became more proportional.

I feel confident now with a more proportional body shape and am so grateful for this miraculous change. Do not underestimate the benefits of the Secrets of Natural Walking!"

- Fita Lie

Author - Sylvie Penchaliah

Published - 2014-06-27