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Do you ever feel like your body is crying out to you, telling you it needs a fresh start? This often happens after holidays where lots of junk is consumed, such as Christmas and Easter. The same can be said about alcohol, where overindulgence can lead to a tired, sluggish body and a general feeling of bad health. A detox is a means of ridding your body of toxins and can jump start your body to a natural sense of well being. 

There are many detox diets and plans that you can follow, but all of them have the same fundamentals and, if done correctly, can result in a fresher, cleaner and healthier body. Some tell tale signs of your body needing a detox are:

- Fatigue.
- Bad skin.
- Low immune system.
- Feeling unhappy or generally negative mental state.
- Bloating.

Of course, these symptoms could also point to other possible illnesses, so consult your doctor before starting a detox.
Most detox diets last for around 5 to 7 days, which is a god amount of time to clean your body and clear toxins. Starting a detox can be difficult. It is recommended that you eliminate caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and refined sugars. These can all result in a build up of toxins in your body. Some detox programs go a step further, and advise you to minimise your use of chemicals such as household cleaning products, shampoos and soaps, and replace them with natural alternatives. You are also advised to stick to liquids such as fruit and vegetable juices and plenty of water. If, however, fasting results in negative effects such as dizziness and fatigue, make sure you start to eat. If you do eat during your detox, make sure you stick to fresh, organic foods and avoid any kind of processed products. Stick to natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Remember to keep yourself hydrated and try to get some exercise in, such as yoga or Pilates. Meditation is also a wonderful addition to a detox, so you can have a fresh mind and a fresh body.

Once your detox is over, introduce foods back into your diet slowly, but make sure they are natural and healthy foods. As mentioned above, foods like whole grains and unprocessed foods are the way to go. If a detox seems daunting to you, there are also other detox plans that you can follow. You can do a shorter detox, a detox that doesn't require fasting, or one give you a little amount of leeway with regard to food items and certain products.

Regardless of the detox you decide on-the detox that is best for you, the results should be positive and leave you feeling fresh and healthy. Once you are cleansed, try to stick to a healthy, natural diet and try to avoid those things that have resulted in the need for a detox to begin with. Remember though, that any detox diet plan should be given the nod by your GP first, and listen to your body while you are doing it.

Written and Researched by Body and Mind's Lisa Lee

Author - Lisa Lee

Published - 2014-07-16