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Dear Reader

In our July issue, I wrote about the new complementary medicine regulations which came into effect in May. Please visit our website, to read the July Ed's letter.

While the HPA (Health Products Association) has already mounted a legal challenge to these regulations, a newly formed alliance, the Natural Health Alliance (NHA), feels that the legal challenge has weaknesses which must be addressed.

Dr Bernard Brom, Chairman of the NHA, says: The regulations, if not repealed or amended, will effectively eliminate 65-80% of all natural products. The products that will remain will in all likelihood be basic health store products which will be considerably more expensive due to the costs of complying with the new regulations.

The concerns of the NHA include:
- The public's right to the medicines of their choice
- The availability of many practitioner-only products, which will have to be registered as drugs under the new regulations.
- Few companies will be able to afford this rigid, lengthy and costly registration process.
The NHA have employed the services of a highly experienced legal team, the fees for which to take this matter to court are considerable. They are now embarking on a campaign to raise money for what may be a lengthy court battle.

The NHA have also begun a media campaign in order to promote their plight.

Responsibilities of the NHA
- The NHA has been formed to deal with this legal action
- Will continue as a watchdog in the future to counter bad publicity
- Educate the public
- Keep close tabs on all government regulations around natural medicines
- Create a regulatory process that works for everyone

In order to assist the NHA with this process they require
- Financial assistance
- Awareness by sharing the information

See the suggested sponsorship below, together with their banking details. Please inform them of your donation and they will keep you informed of all developments.
I trust you will consider the seriousness of the situation and support the industry that has been supporting the health of all our families for many years.

Yours in healthy living

Daleen Totten
Publishing Editor, Natural Medicine

For more information, please contact:

Dr Bernard Brom
Chairman of the Natural Health Alliance

Sponsorship options:

Public: R350/month for 6 months (or whatever you can afford)
Health practitioners: R1000/month for 6 months
Health shops: R1000/month for 6 months
Small businesses: R5000/month for 6 months
Medium businesses: R10 000/month for 6 months
Large companies: R20 000/month for 6 months

Bank details

The Natural Health Alliance
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Gardens
Branch Code: 101009
Account Number: 1077 025 629
Account Type: Current (Business Cheque Account)
Intl SWIFT Code: NEDSJJ (To expedite incoming international transfers)

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Published - 2014-07-16