9 Healthy Cures For Cancer - Why Doctors Cannot use them

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This article is intended for:

  • Real doctors who want to cure cancer
  • Everyone who has cancer
  • Everyone who knows someone who has cancer

This is not a theory. I present four observations of abundantly documented, easily verifiable facts. There are thousands of independent case studies published by highly qualified medical doctors and cancer researches, proving that cancer is cured by healing the body. In some cases surgery is an option, but the body does not work so well when things are removed. In all cases, radiation and chemotherapy cause cancer through actual and chemical radiation. The astounding question is: why are doctors not allowed to use the cures that heal cancer?

Observation One




9 Healthy Cures


Essiac in liquid and powder form
Essiac - an immune system supplement in extract, capsules, and powder form

1. Essiac - 1922, Canada


Rene Caisse, nurse

Origin: Herbal mixture from a Native American medicine man

Efficacy: over 1000 cases of 100% cure

Official Response: Not approved by the FDA. (Food and Drug Administration) After testing Essiac, it became a felony to use any treatment other than those approved by the FDA.

Result: Rene continued to supply Essiac from her own home to the public demand. It is now available as a dietary supplement from various online health product suppliers



The Hoxsey Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico
The Hoxsey Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

2. Hoxsey Cure - 1924, America


Harry Hoxsey, ranch owner

Origin: family herbal remedy

Efficacy: Thousands of documented case histories of 100% cure

Official Response: AMA (American Medical Association) refused to investigate the treatment, claimed already to know, by their medical education, that it would not work. Dr. Morris Fishbein (AMA) later admitted in court that Hoxsey's cure works

Result: Hoxsey cancer clinic in Mexico, still supplying the demand to this day

Gerson's diet creates an alkaline environment in which cancer can not live
Gerson's diet creates an alkaline environment in which cancer can not live

3. The Gerson Method - 1946, America

Max Gerson, M.D.

Origin: research - colonic irrigation, detox, and raw food diet

Efficacy: 1500 patient medical records available for examination: 100% recovery

Official Response: The United States Senate hearing in 1946 resulting from his cures was shut down by Morris Fishbein, AMA. No plausible explanation for the discontinuation of the investigation was given. Media attacks and harassment ensued in public tabloids, Gerson was labelled a quack

Result: Gerson continued to supply his cure to the public demand, and opened a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, successful to this day

Dr. Hamer's cancer research proves the physical effect of psycho-emotional healing
Dr. Hamer's cancer research proves the physical effect of psycho-emotional healing

4. The New German Medicine - 1989, Germany


Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.

Origin: research into the psychological causes of cancer from unresolved emotional traumas

Efficacy: Documented case studies of 100% cure, endorsements from other medical doctors

Official Response: The collected material was presented to the medical authorities, but the investigation was discontinued with no explanation

Result: Hamer was imprisoned in France for 19 months on charges of advising patients on the curative method they should follow. Dr. Hamer established the University of Sandefijord, Norway, in order to teach GNM at a certification level. His work is continued by his students Ilsedora Laker and Dr. Douglas Price.

Vitamin B-17 kills cancer

Vitamin B-17 kills cancer

5. Laetrile - 1970s, America

Ernst T. Krebs, M.D.

Origin: research - Vitamin B-17 (found in apricot kernels)

Efficacy: During testing, cancer cells were reported to be "dying off like flies", leaving healthy cells untouched. Many doctors reported a high success rate

Official Response: All claims were forced to be revoked, due to the material not being approved by the FDA

Result: It is now illegal to sell Laetrile, but Vitamin B-17 is widely available as a dietary supplement

Shark cartilage from mainstream health food supplier SOLGAR

Shark cartilage from mainstream health food supplier SOLGAR

6. Shark Cartilage - 1992, America

William Lane, M.D.

Origin: research published in the book "Sharks Don't Get Cancer"

Efficacy: Scientific studies confirm that shark cartilage suffocates cancer cells

Official Response: FDA has not passed this as an approved cure

Result: Pharmaceutical companies are presently competing to isolate and synthesise the active qualities of shark cartilage so that it can be patented and artificially reproduced as an official pharmaceutical product. Meanwhile, shark cartilage is widely available as a dietary supplement

Iscador is an extract. Other mistletoe products include Eurixor, Helixor, Lektinol, and Isorel
Iscador is an extract. Other mistletoe products include Eurixor, Helixor, Lektinol, and Isorel

7. Iscadore (Mistletoe) - 1800s, UK

Rudolf Steiner, M.D.

Origin: Ancient

Efficacy: anecdotal and scientific evidence showing that mistletoe kills cancer cells, leaving healthy cells untouched

Official Response: BCT (British Cancer Trust) denies it's curative qualities on grounds of "absence of evidence"

Result: Dr. Steiner adjusted his position on cancer to focus on prevention, rather than cure. Iscadore is available in many parts of Europe

THC oil, is extracted from potent cannabis plants, (not hemp)

THC oil, is extracted from potent cannabis plants, (not hemp)

8. THC oil (Cannabis) - 1800s

Anonymous - a growing global community

Origin: Ancient

Efficacy: Thousands of cases of scientific proof that THC kills cancer cells leaving healthy cells untouched

Official Response: Cannabis and any bi-product is illegal in most countries, many governments deny it's efficacy and will not allow scientific investigation

Result: The growing number of medical marijuana research facilities and cases of respectable people unofficially using THC oil to cure their cancer, renders it ridiculous for authorities to deny that it works


9. Sodium Bicarbonate (bicarb) - current

Tullio Simoncini, oncologist, Italy

Origin: the Hindu Vedas, and Dr. Simoncini's research - the cause of cancer is not genetic, it is the fungus Candida Albicans

Efficacy: 100% cure, dozens of fully documented video interview case studies on his website http://ww2.tulliosimoncini.it/

Official Response: Dr. Simoncini has been disbarred from the Italian Medical Council "...for having administered sodium bicarbonate..." because: "...such practice has no scientific foundation, and it is not used in Italy"

Result: The Simoncici Centre in Japan continues to heal cancer with 100% efficiency

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Author - Andrew Wilding

Published - 2016-04-25