What is Access Consciousness and the tools?

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What Is Access Consciousness & The Tools?

Often I get asked what are these tools you keep talking about? What is Access Consciousness? and the biggest question I get asked is what is so different about Access form what else is out there?

Now these are great questions! and I dont have answers for you, I have more questions for you!

You see one of the many tools in Access is asking the right questions. How many of us are seeking answers, and how many of us how "keep finding the one answer" that will fix it all? but only to find out 3 months later not much has changed.

I was like this for years! I am a seeker! I have always known more is possible and that happiness and ease are the primary foundation of life and living. But for some reason I was not happy and life was not easy? Until 4 years ago.

What I have come to find so true is that Answers disempower, Questions empower!
When you start asking questions like "What else is possible here?" and "How does it get better than this? or one of my favourites "What are the infinite possibilities here that I have not yet considered?"

You see when you start asking questions you begin to break down the solidity of an issue or problem you might be having, and this opens the doors to different possibilities.

Your point of view creates your reality, your reality does not create your point of view. And when you can step into that you can start to perceive that everything in your life can change...if you would like it to? It’s just a choice.

Now the tools of Access have a wonderful way of accessing the energetic barriers that are locking you up (which are not cognitive) such as The Clearing Statement. Tools like the clearing statement are able to shift the limitations in your life with a dynamic amount of ease and speed, and it is able to do this by bypassing the mind and getting to the heart of the issue and shifting it at the point where it was created.

If life where logical we would all have what it is we are seeking, but life and the world is not logical. It is run by insane points of view. Now to get past these points of view you need to go beyond the mind. The mind only knows what it knows and is therefore a limitation in itself.

What is beyond the mind? What is beyond what we think is possible?
What if we could all live the life we truly desire? What if it were all just a choice?

With Access Consciousness you get to empower YOU to know what you already know, and use simple pragmatic tools to change anything you choose to change.

Its fun, its easy and best part is there are over 50 Body Process as well that alone side all the other tools unlocks the body from all the drama, trauma, stresses and limitations is has taken on.

What if the time is now?
What if choosing for you is the gift the world is waiting for?
What if you being all of you can change the world?

Look forward to seeing you in a class or on a call or even on the world wide web.

The time is now my friends...choose what works for you!

Author - Graeme Crosskill

Published - 2014-08-15