My Pilgrimage to Peru - Part One

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Peru Mountains

My Pilgrimage to Peru

Part One

On my life journey in 2003, Spirit orchestrated that I meet two Master Andean Shamans. They had been invited to South Africa to teach in the Magaliesberg mountains. I was intrigued and fascinated and so my Shamanic training began. The Andean Tradition of the Q'ero Indians of Peru, is the direct cosmology of the ancient Inca's, untainted by dogma and Western influence. It is a philosophy of pure heart.

The first two initiations were in South Africa but for the third, I had to travel to Peru. I feel in love! Firstly, the people are so authentic, open hearted and live life simply, without all the 'stuff' that we worry about in the western world. By living this simple life, they exuded a peace and happiness that is contagious. One steps into a timelessness of beauty and love.
My first Peru initiation took place in 2005 at various sacred places in the Sacred Valley. I stayed in a little town called Pisaq. It has a central plaza which, over weekends, is filled with the indigenous people who come down from the mountains to sell their produce and artistic goods - blankets, poncho's etc. It is the biggest indigenous market in Peru and a sight for the senses.

After my initiation, I decided to explore the ancient temple above the village with a few of my fellow students. While we were descending from the 'Temple of the Sun' along a very narrow pathway with the cliff on our left side and a perilous drop on our right, I looked up into this azure sky and was amazed to see three very large birds circling above us. I immediately commented that they might be Condors. I was so excited, as were the others, momentarily forgetting the long queue behind us. I thought I would practice what I had recently learned from the Shamans and started to call the Condors with a special whistle. All of a sudden, I felt a rush of air from above and almost lost my balance, on this narrow path. Looking up, lo and behold, a single condor had dropped down from the thermals and swooped over my head. We all shouted. 'Condor, Condor!' with such excitement. It then circled and flew over our heads a second time and in so doing, gifted me with one of its feathers. I couldn't believe my eyes and this feather has pride of place on my altar.

In 2013, I took my first group of travellers to experience the teachings and ceremonies of the Shamans of the Sacred Valley and Cusco. I will be returning in April 2015 to await further adventures and wisdom from the Spirit of the Andes.
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Author - Carol

Published - 2014-08-26