Whats the story with Tantra and Neo Tantra?

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What's The Story With Tantra and Neo Tantra

There is so much confusion about Tantra Bodywork, so I want to bring clarity for you. Tantra has to do with moving energy through you to achieve a desired result. It has two main branches - Classic and Neo Tantra. Classic Tantra began in northern India around 5 000 years ago and is the art and science of energy in us and around us. Some people have made the study and practice of Classic Tantra their life purpose. Classic Tantra has mainly to do with spiritual enlightenment and awareness in the upper four chakras. These are from the heart chakra up through past the crown chakra. Many disciplines that take years to master fully are involved in the mastery of Classic Tantra. Some of these are Conscious breath-work, deep meditation and self discipline and also the carefully guided awakening of Kundalini life force energy for spiritual purposes. Classic Tantra has been taught effectively by "gurus" to students and these Classic Tantra masters are careful to monitor the growth of students in their care.

Neo Tantra deals mainly with the lower three chakras - from the solar plexus down to the root chakra at the base of the spine. Many Western folks find Neo Tantra an easier introduction to a life guided by Tantric principles. Neo Tantra practices really do help people to connect with their own body first and foremost. This results in people living with a greater mindfulness and connection to themselves and to others. Some wonderful benefits of Neo Tantra are increased compassion, more orgasmic pleasure in all aspects of life and the capacity for fuller body orgasms during lovemaking. Neo Tantra also uses Conscious Breath practice and Touch with Awareness as its pillars. The art of making love energetically with our whole body, rather than only with our genitals becomes a whole meditation experience in itself.

An integral part of both Classic and Neo Tantra is the fact/belief that every person is in fact a mix of both masculine and feminine forces. The trick is to find a wonderful balance between these two forces - our own juice in a the truest sense. When each of us does find our home in our juiciness, we become charismatic to the both world and to others and we get to live in our fullest expression.

Two of the main practices in Neo Tantra are the Yoni Massage and the Lingam Massages. Yoni is the Sanskrit (ancient Indian) word for Sacred Space in a Woman. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for Shaft of Light of a Man. Both these names give a strong hint to the Sacredness of Sexuality and that Sacred Sexuality deserves both respect and care.

The Yoni Massage is a gentle, loving massage of a woman's lower belly and her whole vulva region and activates her pelvic core deeply. This is where a woman wants to feel most grounded - in her pelvic area. The Lingam Massage is also a gentle and loving massage of a mans lower belly and whole pelvic area and genitals. When a Lingam massage is done correctly, it helps to connect a man to his more feminine essence of receiving.

In my experience, using Neo Tantra Massage and Touch practices has helped my own capacity to enjoy life increase a thousand times! I truly believe it will do the same for you!


Author - Mark Hoinkes

Published - 2014-09-30