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Pregnancy & Reflexology

With so much information available on the web today, its impossible to tell the less experienced person the difference between someone's opinion and a professional's knowledge and experience in the field of complementary medicine. What one person has experienced, be it good or bad, the web is the ideal place to scare or enlighten someone on a particular subject.>
Recently I was approached by a mom, who had read that Reflexology in pregnancy makes the pregnancy unstable and thereby a risk of losing the baby. Personally, I disagree with this statement. If this was the case, how come so many pregnant women have flourished and their babies benefits so enormously with Reflexology. Being a form of healing that is energy based, it balances and as the mind, body and soul is an amazing vehicle, the energy will protect discarding anything that may cause damage to the body. Should the foetus be 'unstable', the body loving rejects it through miscarriage. With Reflexology assisting the body to repair restoring itself naturally.

Reflexology, sensitively applied, is excellent during pregnancy! It calms the mother and creates an ideal environment in which the foetus can grow. The baby after the birth is consequently more content, vibrant and healthy.

During childbirth, Reflexology is invaluable in helping relax the mother nurturing the uterine muscles, reducing discomfort, and making space in the birth canal to ease the birth of the baby.

After childbirth, Reflexology provides the mother with the strength to cope and enjoy her baby whilst encouraging her body to return with ease to its natural state. Not only is the mother calm, encouraging her milk to flow freely, but with the environment being so tranquil, the baby is content making it so much easier for it to grow and develop.

I've done numerous treatments on women during their fertility, pregnancy, and after child birth. All the treatments have been extremely successful with both mom and baby being ultra happy and content, although consultation with the medical practitioner is always advised.

My amazing Reflexology teacher when I did my Reflexology Diploma a few years ago, Chris Stormer, a renowned author and international teacher reminded us that we all unique and, by individually connecting with each and every one of our clients, we can make sure that their specific needs are catered for. Chris, a special lady and very dear friend of mine is the reason why I studied further in the alternative / complementary field. Thank you beautiful Chris.

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Author - Debby Humphreys

Published - 2014-10-02