Healing Across Time - Part One

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6 Reasons Why Past Life Regression Therapy Can Change Your Life

A three part series

"Past life therapy allows you to stop doing things to people because you have to, and to start doing things with people because you want to," Dr Morris Netherton.

My fiancé died in my arms in a car accident many years ago. The intense grief I experienced led me to explore life after death and Metaphysics. This is how I came across past life regression therapy. My world changed as I tapped into a much bigger picture of our existence. Over 8,000,000 Americans have reported near-death experiences (NDE), which supports the view that our consciousness is separate from our brain. Through my personal experiences of past life and spiritual regression therapy (life between lives therapy), I know without a doubt that we do not die. We discard our physical bodies just as we discard our clothing, but our souls live on, returning once again in another body, in another time, in another place.

Eighty five percent of people are able to experience past life regression. The more sessions they have the easier it becomes, although most people have amazing experiences in one regression. Accessing this exciting and mystical realm can enrich your life in so many ways.

1. The Experience: Most of my first time clients feel nervous about their experience of regressing to a past life. Understandably, this is ironically 'new territory', so to speak! The regression is accessed through hypnotism and deep relaxation. You are always aware of your surroundings, and in control. We first go to a younger you in this life time, then to your first memory and then into the womb. The womb is also a place where a lot of information for your coming life can be accessed. Thereafter, we go into a past life experience that typically mirrors issues that you are dealing with today. Incredibly, your awareness alone is usually enough to shift the issues and change automatically follows. The actual experience of being another human being and living a different life is the wow aspect. It feels incredibly authentic, far more realistic then a dream!
"I am a boy, and my feet are dark brown!" my astounded client, Bronwyn, exclaimed. This is a typical beginning to a past life experience. You then explain where you live, your circumstances, what year it is, etc. When you are ready to move on, I say, "At the count of three, you will be at another significant scene in this life time", and we move on. At times you may have reconnected with a loved one or the scene is particularly beautiful, and you may want to stay. The scene can even become too traumatic and I would move you on. The 'death experience' typically is a sense of you being pulled out of your body and floating above it. At this point we do a life review of that lifetime and often relevant insights regarding your present life are revealed. These areas are integrated and the energy cleared if it was traumatic. We then move on to another past life, before exploring the spiritual regression stage.

Author - Sonja Bohnsack

Published - 2014-10-07