Healing Across Time - Part Three

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6 Reasons Why Past Life Regression Therapy Can Change Your Life
A three part series
"For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans." -Brian L. Weiss

4. Insights about your present life time: The fascinating aspect of the spiritual regression is that this is our state of 'pure soul' or higher self. This is where you can meet your guides and explore who is in your soul group (your soul mates). This is also where we explore the life planning of your present life time now. You are typically with a guide or elder who is an advanced entity, and here you ask for information such as what your life purpose is, and what your life lesson is. Here you can even ask questions regarding relationships, career etc. The most incredible thing about being in 'soul' is how it feels. This is the place that Michael Newton calls home. This is where we are when we are not in a physical body and it is beautiful!
"My father is here. It is so good to see him. He is taking me with him. We are surrounded by the most radiant colours! I have a sense of deep peace; this is the most incredibly beautiful place." my client Peter said quietly during his spiritual regression.

5. Opening your mind: The whole experience of past life regression therapy puts your present life into perspective. You will know that this life is not everything, that we are eternal, and that we never really die.

6. Remove your fear of death: Most people fear death, especially people who are terminally ill. Experiencing past life and spiritual regression therapy allows them to experience and feel the peace, calm and often joy of crossing over, as does a near-death experience. This typically removes or lessens their fear of death and can allow them to heal their grief before their passing occurs. The death they experience is purely that of their physical body. They are still very much alive! For their loved ones it has a similar affect in terms of grieving. Once they know that you are okay and that you will have reunited with loved ones, they are able to process their grief more easily. Loved ones are more able to move on with their own lives, knowing that it is only a matter of time until they will be reunited with you.

A colleague, who studied past life therapy with me, feels that reincarnation doesn't exist. She believes that it is all within our sub-conscious and super-conscious minds, which create scenarios that mirrors our lives presently. It is irrelevant what a person's belief is. What matters is how profound past life therapy is for healing, growth and permanent change.

Author - Sonja Bohnsack

Published - 2014-10-07