Magical blessings for a freeing, fantastic and powerful 2015

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The year 2014 was a year of entropy - pure creation and emergence in the most authentic and dynamic way. Very different from what humanity has experienced before.

It was an incredible year for most. In many ways it was an exceptionally challenging year and in other ways it was abundant with blessings far beyond what the imagination could perceive. A year of profound healing that was thrust upon us as we released that which no longer served us, received and integrated the new energies, awakening and embracing a new way of being; now emerging into all its glory in the magical year of 2015.

The first Full Moon of 2015 (on the 4th Jan) was the Wolf Moon or Hunter's Moon. Its symbolism is incredibly powerful.
Wolves are the epitome of the wild spirit - this spirit and primal energy etched in the heart of us all.
Full Moon represents completion. Every 29.5 days, the moon reaches the end of her cycle from darkness to brilliant light. It's a beacon in the night sky, reminding us that every cycle of life comes to an end, with new beginnings at New Moon filled with promise and potential.
The Wolf here symbolizes that this new phase of our lives is about reconnecting with our core / primal energy listening to our intuition while embracing the Wolf guardian within that not only guides us, but protects us all. Over time we have lost our connection with our instinctual selves as a result of "civilised" cultural living and various religious concepts that teach that the authentic wildness of our hearts is not only dangerous but threatening and should then be ignored, numbed, controlled or even eliminated completely. This in turn limits our true potential as we strive to conform to what religion, politics and social standards demand from us - ultimately we are left as shells, unable to breathe, living in fear of judgment and rejection.
Now is the time to let the Spirit of the Wolf be your teacher!
Step out of the shadows of modern society releasing your inhibitions and step into the light liberating your self in all your absolute glory and magnificence as you re-connect with your soul. Trust your intuition as the energy of the Wolf guides you on this wonderful new journey knowing that you are always safe and protected.

Author - Opal-Jazmine

Published - 2015-01-08