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Angel Stories with Carol


I went to do my teachers training with Diana Cooper in Wales in 1998. Coming from South Africa I was clueless as to attire for the ceremonies. When I got to the venue and saw everyone else's dresses I decided to go to the village the next day and see if I could get something more suitable. A few of us went to the village and the other girls found something very quickly, but I was really looking for something special. It was getting late so we were heading home and on our way to the car I saw a feather and said in desperation, "Girls the angels are here." More trying to assure myself that anyone else and the just acknowledge without paying much attention to me. I then saw another feather and again repeated, "The angels are here." Again not much attention was given to me. That was when I saw a bigger feather and said thinking I would now get their attention, "The Archangels are here." I followed the feathers and as I looked up here was the most beautiful shop, with exactly what I was looking for. In fact the girls all bought more stuff there and we sent more people to the shop the following day as the dresses were so lovely. I still have mine and wear it with pride every time knowing that the angels, with their feathers, lead me straight to the shop. 

TV Repair
One Sunday morning I switched the TV on to watch my favourite programme, Spirit Sunday, and was quite upset as it was ghosting. I called my son in haste and asked him to come over and see if he could fix it, but as usual he could not make it so walking down my stairs of my townhouse I said to myself, "I am sure there are electrician angels" and then remembered AA Michael also works with repairing electrical appliances. I called on him, and thought to myself that it would be lovely if I walked down the stairs and switched on the TV and it was working. That is what I did and yes, you guessed it, it was working perfectly. I called my son and to tell him not to worry that AA Michael has repaired my TV and he just laughed and said, "Can you ask him to change the light bulbs as well then I do not need to do it." It's wonderful to know that there are angels for everything.

My Mother
My mother passed away a year ago. Some time back I still had her ashes here and was wondering what to do with them, but most importantly wondering if she is okay on the other side. I spoke to my Mom and said the following : Please give me a sign that you are okay and with Source and I am going to take a picture to show others. I took a picture of he altar and noticed a bright light. I took a second picture of the same area and the picture is normal. Another sign that the angels are truly here.
Carols Angels

Angels assist with plane ticket.
I was on my way to Cape Town and had booked my ticket. I stood in line to get the booking confirmed and as I got to the lady at the counter and gave my name etc she said that they did not have a booking I needed to go to enquiries. When I got to enquiries they let me listen to my own voice making the booking and that I had booked myself to Cape Town twice instead of from Johannesburg to Cape Town then back. So they basically told me I could not get on the plane as it was full and on top of it all it was a long weekend and they had overbooked all flights by at least 30 people. Well I was in tears as I was going to Cape Town to do a workshop and pleaded with them but they just shrugged there shoulders. I then left the enquiries sat down and began to ask the angels to please, please assist me on this one as I was desperate. Then remembered the Hindu God Genesha and asked him to remove all obstacles in my partway. Well, as I said that the young lady that was at the desk went to the toilet and I took a chance and presented my ticket again acting as it they had made the mistake and guess what she said? "I will sort you out." In two minutes I had a new ticket and was running to catch my flight. When I got to the plane I had the isle seat at the window which I always ask for and the lady that sat next to me on the plane was quick to tell me her sister was not on this flight as it was overbooked by 20 people and was coming much later that evening. That is when I realized once more we have such a support system out there we just need to ask.

Author - Carol de Vascolcelos

Published - 2015-01-21