Theta Healing and Emotions

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Theta Healing and Emotions

Imagine that your television only picks up one boring television channel. Every day you try to watch another channel but for some reason your decoder just won't work and you're stuck. For many people this is exactly how we live our lives -we get stuck in a particular negative feeling, like anger, sadness or resentment, and no matter what we do we can't seem to access and stay tuned into different feelings. It is as though we are tuned into the toxic emotion and just cannot escape.

Toxic emotions can have a serious effect on the body's health, as can our attempts to repress or change them. Now imagine a healing modality that enables you to release negative feelings and to have positive feelings that you have forgotten or perhaps have never experienced, such as joy, love, forgiveness, patience, trust, and respect instantly. This is the gift of ThetaHealing - an energy healing modality in which accredited practitioners access the theta brain wave state to facilitate a range of healing processes.

Now practiced in over 30 countries Thetahealing, developed by Vianna Stibal in the USA, is well-known for the way it enables people to uncover and change key subconscious beliefs that are causing physical and emotional challenges without hypnosis or tapping. For example, at the root of parasites in a person's body are beliefs like "I must allow others to take advantage of me" and "I must allow people to suck me dry". Unless these limiting beliefs are pulled from us, our bodies maintain a vibration which is attractive to parasites.

But with the feelings work Thetahealing goes one step further and is believed to be able to teach us (and our bodies) the feelings that are needed to live without letting people suck us dry. With the help of practitioners using the belief and feelings work, we can give permission to be freed from the programmes that attract parasites (and associated illnesses) in our example, and the body gains the strength to get rid of these. The body can learn instantly how it feels to be safe and protected from energy vampires as well.

The tools needed to "tune" people into new feelings were revealed to Vianna Stibal, the founder and international leader of Thetahealing, during a trip to Hawaii. She was visiting a sacred Hawaiian spiritual structure when she connected to the feeling of the place and instantly felt joy. It was then revealed to her that she could also help others to find joy. She says that she heard the voice of the Creator tell her, "You are on Earth to learn by experience, but there is no law that says you have to learn through an extended experience. You can learn feelings instantaneously: what joy feels like, what compassion feels like, how to have compassion for yourself, how to have self-love and so on." Unfortunately many people still think that the only way they can grow spiritually is through heartache, suffering, pain and disease. The idea that they can learn self-patience, love and compassion quickly may seem quite foreign to them.

Negative feelings are actually quite useful as they can remind us that something is out of balance or that we are doing something which is contrary to what we really want. Some negative feelings are transitory and do little harm; others are predominant, affect our health and well-being, and result in beliefs like "I am angry" settling in the subconscious mind only to manifest plenty of evidence from the universe that you are angry.

Dr Candice Pert, an expert in the links between the brain and the body has found that when a person feels anger, fear, worry or some other negative emotion every cell in the body knows and interprets that emotion too. This is because the emotion triggers the release of neurotransmitters and other hormones into the body. Although it is normal for us to experience feelings, the problem is that our receptor cells can become addicted to the negative emotions. No amount of positive thinking will then prevent the body from sending messages to the brain that it craves peptides that are only released when the person feels anger, fear, worry and so on. The person then thinks negative thoughts to trigger the chemical release. In this way, the body itself can sabotage the person's desire not to dwell on negative emotions, and the body can keep the client out of balance unless it learns how to live without the toxic chemicals. The imbalance contributes to stress and related life challenges, illnesses and diseases.

The energy healing techniques revealed to Vianna enabled her to help others break this cycle, and Thetahealers throughout the world now know how to help people to access feelings that they had never had before.

But does it work? Can this be possible?

Absolutely, say hundreds of practitioners and clients. Brent Philips, a Thetahealing practitioner and author of  "Where Spirit Meets Science", has worked with numerous clients who have recovered from depression. He says that "those that are happy and live in joy no matter what is happening around them have properly balanced and healthy brain chemistry; those of us who get depressed, or have a bad temper or experience other negative moods frequently, have a chemical imbalance in our brain that literally makes us miserable." The depression can affect the person's organs and DNA. Commonsense suggests that the best way to treat the condition is through medication but we also need to get to the root cause of why the brain chemistry is imbalanced in the first place. It could be that the person is not eating the right foods, getting sufficient rest, in the wrong job, and so on. But why is the person not eating the right foods or getting sufficient rest? Are there beliefs in the subconscious mind that are keeping him or her trapped in unhealthy habits that lead to anxiety, hopeless feelings, and depression? Is there perhaps a flaw at the genetic level that can be discovered and healed? Is the depression caused by repressed anger? If so, what beliefs make the person feel that expressing anger is bad? What beliefs, through the law of attraction, are resulting in even more opportunities to experience exactly that which makes the person angry or depressed? The practitioner would need to explore these kinds of issues with the person so as to uncover and heal the root cause.

But if the person is to heal from the depression then the practitioner would also need to teach the person's mind and body what it feels like to live without depression. If she or he doesn't know what joy feels like, then his or her body (and brain chemistry) will not know how to create the proper chemical balance to experience true joy - no matter how much positive thinking he or she does. Through the energy healing intervention the person's brain can be taught how to release the required levels of serotonin for him or her to experience joy.
People with phobias or who live in a continued state of fear can also be helped in this way. According to Vianna, people living in fear experience the continued release of cortisol and adrenaline in their bodies. This is unhealthy and in time results in the body experiencing adrenal fatigue and exhaustion. By using digging the Thetahealing practitioner is able to get to the core of the fear. He or she can then affect changes in how the person sees and experiences the world, and help the client to receive new feelings and empowering beliefs directly into the subconscious mind and cells of the body. This does not mean that the person would never experience fear, but rather that the person would now not be trapped in fear. After all, if you don't know how to live without something like fear, you will create it even when there is no other reason or purpose for it.

Abraham-Hicks say, "When you feel joy, all the circuits are open, so the Life Force can be fully received. When you feel guilt, blame, fear, or anger, the circuits are hindered and Life Force cannot flow as effectively. Physical experience is about monitoring those circuits and keeping them as open as possible." According to Vianna Stibal and Thetahealing practitioners, the tools are available for us to do just that.

About the author:
Eric Richardson is a spiritual teacher, practicing healer, and author, as well as Rainbow Children's Teacher. He has been a company CEO and university lecturer, and brought Thetahealing to South Africa. He teaches Theta Healing all over the world.

Author - Eric Richardson

Published - 2015-02-25