The Numerological Influences of March

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March NUmerology

The Numerological Influences of March

Shakespeare made an interesting choice when he warned Caesar "Beware the ides of March". Why March? Was it because this is the month most associated with control, which can easily spiral into antagonism, ultimately war? The first fire month of the year is at essence very warm and social even effusive energy. It's optimistic, organized, intense and ambitious. It means business, has meticulous plans in place and operates as a well-oiled machine. A great month for information gathering, management and getting ahead. Couple it with the doing Eight energy of 2015 and feel the fire burning inside. Fire management may be tested; maintain order by controlling fire before it rages. For others, flames have failed to be fanned and it may take a bomb to get them going. Take charge if things are out of control!

What March offers YOU:
Birth Month Theme

January & October:     Face reality and do what it takes to Become. The truth will out so either innovate new structures to accommodate and get excited at healing paradigms offered, or brace yourself for chaos as your world rearranges itself around your deepest beliefs.

February:     Keep control of your emotions while your world expands rapidly around you. Write everything down to keep your tendency to worry at bay and to pull off an organized juggling act, the busyness of this month is going to demand.

March:     Party time! Your social nature enjoys that your birthday month produces, in synergy with itself, the energy most associated with family, friends, love, romance and peace. Watch a tendency to overdo it especially while in the destroyer ray before your birthday. Manage the fire or be burnt!

April:     Quieten down now, it’s about the private inner journey. Deep devotion and its counterparts, disengaging and the disappearing act, are all in order as long as you are taking time to ponder and dream. Quiet times and creative journeys they engender are obligatory.

May:     Head down, focus, adopt a can do attitude, write lists, manage them and accept its work, work, work. You will be richly rewarded. Remember to breath! Balance paramount, especially in doing for others. Find your core, learn to depend on yourself.

June:     Its fine to play, exploring all the possibilities of your passions, just manage indulgences and maintain a semblance of responsibility. Too much party, like any fire uncontrolled, scorches. Have an adventure! Just plan enough to be secure, then its fun all the way.

July:     Take charge, step out of the cave and dreams and onto centre stage. Sure you prefer quiet spaces, but its time to assert yourself and build self-confidence. Work on speaking clearly, authoritatively, taking the lead even if the spotlight burns a little.

August:     Take charge of emotions, relationships and all matters nest related and life is sweet and touching. Balance is key, if you are to let life flow gently, taking time to nurture self and others. Manage ambitious impulses carefully and watch tendencies to worry.

September:     Ooh baby! Take charge, deal appropriately with any control issues - being controlling or controlled - otherwise heads spin and frustration sets in. Much to learn and teach others, even if through osmosis, especially regarding management and order. Once in place, trust and feel the peace.

Author - Athel Oosterbroek

Published - 2015-02-28