What if success is a choice on how you see yourself?

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How can you can position yourself by sharing both your heart AND expertise. I have just had the privilege of facilitating some amazing women step in to their Diamond zone of brilliance through my Shine VIP program and seeing the twinkle in their eyes as they activated their unique diamond facets just made my heart sing.

One of the things that we transmuted through the body of work in SHINE is that nobody has the power to determine whether we are successful or not.
So, if success isn't an objective truth, then what is it?
"Success is a choice as to how you see yourself."
If you look for evidence and contrivance that you're successful, you will feel successful.
If you look for evidence that you haven't "made it" yet, you will feel like a failure.
After this weekend, these courageous women CHOSE to start seeing themselves as a success.
And they will attract more success to themselves in owning and acknowledging that they get to choose the FREEDOM to define what success means to them.
Even if you have just begun a new creation as your joy of business, you can believe and see yourself as a success - a high shine Diamond that by being authentic and heart centered your light will refract and create a positive impact in the world with your body of work.
Look back at your life and you will find that every challenge, every perceived failure and all the places you had success have brought you to where you are today and in to becoming the incredible Diamond light that you are today.
No matter how unsuccessful you may think you are, you get to CHOOSE how you see yourself. And you get to choose how you describe yourself to other people.
No matter how unsuccessful you may think that you are, I guarantee that you are at least two steps ahead of many people on this planet who could use your help.
And two steps ahead of your people is ALL you need, if you want to be of greater contribution and service as the expert in your field.

If you are trying to help someone get to the top of a mountain, would you rather get underneath them and push them up? Or stand above them and pull them up?

It's a LOT easier to stand above them and pull them up to your level.

So as long as you are two steps ahead of the people you want to help, you are in a GREAT position to help them. You don't have to have all the answers, You just have to know that what you know is valuable and that you can create change for others who are looking for a solution to the pain point they are experiencing and that you know so well...

But how do you convey you are two steps ahead of them, without sounding arrogant, egotistical and full of yourself?

And what do you do if you're just starting out or you've just been in business for a very short time? Or if you've been around for a while, but haven't quite "made it" yet, then how do you position yourself?
The truth is that if you just list your accomplishments or your expertise, with no heart or vulnerability, you will sound arrogant.
So it's important to share your expertise from honor, trust, allowance, vulnerability and gratitude.
Here are some true examples from my life that might ignite Diamond class ideas, for how you can position yourself by sharing both your heart AND expertise.
How many people I've helped:
(Heart) I struggled a lot in the beginning, but we never gave up. And, because of my perseverance.
(Expertise) I've been fortunate enough to be able to help thousands of people and animals.

The collective results of my clients:
(Heart) While I have had some clients who have not got the results they desired ,
(Expertise) I do have MANY clients who are in their Diamond wealth zone and attribute their success to what they learned from me. In fact, if you pooled all of my clients together over the last 15 plus years, I could conservatively say that my clients have made tens of millions of dollars with what I have offered them.

My personal results:
(Heart) In my first two years of leading workshops, I gave my heart and soul to my participants, but I never earned more than $1,000 for the workshop.
(Expertise) I now consistently lead live and online workshops and events that bring in over 5 sometimes 6 figures in one weekend. I feel so blessed to have learned so much over the last 15 years.
If you've helped a lot of people, get great results for your clients, and had tremendous personal results, you can use the three ideas above to help you decide how to position yourself without being arrogant.
But how do you position yourself if you're just starting out (or if you've been around for a while, but haven't quite "made it" yet)?
Here are some ideas to get you started:
Use Your Personal Story.
Your personal story (I call it Your Hero Journey) is the story of how you faced something (and got through to the other side) that you now help your clients face. You can share how you walked through your own - dark night of the soul (heart) and are now living an amazing life (expertise). If you are someone who walks her/his talk, this also positions you in a way that has your Potential Clients believe that you can walk them through their dark night of the soul also.

Your Image.
We recommend you dress like a successful person - two "notches" higher than your potential clients. Many people make the mistake of continuing to dress how they do when they're with friends when they're doing business. I recommend you dress like you're making 6 Figures. Dress in a way that is both elegant (expertise) and uniquely you (heart). When people "judge" you for being successful or wealthy and you receive that judgment as a gift you become more successful and wealthy!

How Long You Have Studied Your Profession (Personal Development PLUS Your Niche).
Here's a great template that includes Heart and Expertise:  studied personal development and________ (your niche: health, money, beauty, or love) for many years. During this time, many people have been drawn to me, and asked for my support. Enough people have approached me that I decided quite some time ago, to dedicate my life to helping a LOT/hundreds/thousands of people overcome this problem.

or you could say something like this
"Most people think that _____________but I believe that____________
so that they can ________________."

If you want some assistance in creating your heart based, high shine Diamond signature "what do you do?" response you may be interested in my Diamond Signature Story sessions where we go deep in to revealing what you stand for. Your personal manifesto and philosophy to attract your dream clients to want to work with you.
Here's how to come up with your own Diamond heart status:
Step 1.
Make a list of all the different ways you can position yourself as an authority in your field (be truthful, of course). (If you are struggling with the six positioning strategies listed above, we are happy to give you 10 more in our Client Attraction Mastery Home Study Program (we're launching on March 31st, so stay tuned).
Step 2.
Write up phrases you can say in conversation, in your emails, or on your website that bring humanity and expertise to your communication.
Step 3.
Practice saying these phrases in a safe place. You can practice in front of the mirror or with a good friend. You can also find out how you can work with me here:
www.sarahjanediamond.com or book your CLARITY complimentary breakthrough discovery session now. I have just 3 slots available for february so book your time here www.vcita.com/sarahjanediamond

and in the meantime, be brilliant and know that what you bring in to the world as only you can is such a gift. The world is waiting for you to shine <3

Here is to your Diamond success

Gratitude and joy

Author - Sarah-Jane Farrell

Published - 2015-03-04