Clearing Your Personal Energy

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Clearing Your Personal Energy

Clearing your personal energy and the energy around your home and work!

As we know, everything is energy!! Every thought is energy, and we have on average up to 80 000 thoughts per day!! Just knowing this alone will help you to rethink and choose the good/ positive thoughts and banish the bad or negative ones!!
Negativity or low vibratory energy (energy blocks) in a space can affect your energy, your vitality, your relationships, and even your prosperity. Negativity can enter a home in several ways. It could have been there all along, before you ever moved in. Someone else might have sent it to you (someone you have a history with). Perhaps it was brought in unknowingly by you or a family member (a spirit or entity that has attached itself to you and taken up residence in your house, or your personal energy or aura). Or, the presence of the negative energy could be the result of difficulty you've been having (or have had in the past) with loved ones, inside the four walls of your home.
Once negativity is in your aura, your home or office, it can get trapped and start to build. You can actually see the physical results of this negative energy build up within a home or office, and feel it as heaviness, lethargy, and often feel emotions that are out of character or not appropriate!!
What Hayley can do to help?
Book a remote or in person session with Hayley to clear your personal energy, home or work, or all of the above, to create and allow energy to move, to offer healing and more possibilities and options in your life, where the blocks were stopping them before. If you can visualise a clearing like opening all the doors and windows to your home and life, where they were closed before, to allow fresh air, chi/Ki/prana (life force energy) to enter and cleanse, open and heal what was closed. This allows you to heal faster on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. You will feel an expansiveness and vitality, and notice changes in your life, as more opportunities are able to be attracted by the law of like attracts like, high vibratory, healthy energy attracting the same back!

What you can do:
What most people do not recognize is that the simple act of clearing one little thing with intention, every day, is more powerful and sustainable than binge-clearing a whole lot of things on the fly. By consistently clearing something small like a purse, a wallet, or even one paper clip off your chronically messy desk, you can bypass your brain’s fight-or-flight wiring system to such a degree as to create a sea change and a ripple effect of global proportions! And as you clear clutter you clear the stagnant energy around it, allowing energy to move freely, attracting and allowing new energy, healing and possibilities into your life!

Adopting a simple daily practice of putting away one thing, for example, or rounding up a small area for sixty seconds, every day, is not only soothing to the nervous system and can feel really good over time, but it’s one of the best ways I know to move energy that feels stuck in your home, head, and heart.

Hayley Rautenbach
Transformational Coach, energy healer and animal communicator

Author - Hayley Rautenbach

Published - 2015-04-21