Benefits of Meditation

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Benefits Of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

You might ask, why meditate? Meditation benefits us on all levels of our being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It has the potential to ease our suffering and to help you create a better life for yourself. We have so little time for ourselves in the fast-paced, technologically driven world we live in, but making the time to meditate even if only for a few minutes a day is definitely worth it! The benefits are too astounding to miss out on:

- Meditate for a healthier you
Simply by breathing deeply in a relaxed way, can lower your blood pressure, slow your heart rate and ease tension and anxiety. Meditation can help with pain management and added with the techniques of visualization and the power of positive thinking, meditation can play a major role in recovering from illnesses. Meditation greatly increases and enhances post-operation recovery and a feeling of well-being in general. Meditation creates a space with us of contentment, joy and acceptance of the world, which helps us cope with the pressures of modern life and reduces stress levels drastically. It also teaches us more healthy and effective ways of dealing with those every day, and not so every day stresses.

- Meditate for a sharper mind
By meditating regularly, you practice calming and focusing your mind – you can bring this new found skill to the workplace, or to any difficult situation you might be facing, to calmly thing it through, control your stress reaction and to find the most beneficial solution to the problem…making you a more effective boss, parent, worker or friend. The ability to bring your attention fully into a situation or person can do wonders for relationships and communicating with people – and the ability to focus and concentrate during times of stress or meeting deadlines will make life much simpler for you and everyone around you.

- Meditate for more body-mind-spirit awareness
We can become so overwhelmed and caught up with life – that we enter into a state of functioning on auto-pilot, multitasking and essentially “missing” life. Always rushing from one deadline to the next, never giving ourselves time to just breathe or take note of the lovely cloud-painted skies. We may become so overloaded, that we “shut down” as a way of coping with all the pressures of life – and you might find yourself losing the ability to be mindful or fully aware of the present moment. Meditation for mindful awareness helps us to return to the present, enlivens our senses and we can begin again to appreciate the lives that we have – and truly start living and enjoying it.

- Meditation for balanced emotions
Working long hours, world upheaval etc. can lead to problems with repressed anger, resentment and feeling “on the edge” all the time. Unrest can contaminate your life with worry and fear of the world we live in and of the future – or you may struggle with feelings of inadequacy or jealousy. Meditation can help you stay conscious of your emotions and help you change negative thought patterns to more positive, healthy ways of thinking and relating to others and the world around you. Long-term meditation helps create a feeling of mental peace, less emotional reactivity and a sense of self-security and self-worth.

- Meditation can help heal psychological problems
If you struggle if issues you cannot overcome yourself – seek professional help!! Although meditation is a wonderful aid to help speed up your recovery and enhance medical treatment – you don’t have to go through the process alone. Meditation helps you take responsibility for your own recovery, helps you get to know yourself better and to be kinder to yourself. Emotional neglect, childhood trauma, grief and addictions can all be addressed with meditation, which gives you a wonderful tool to use during the healing process. Meditation helps to let go of self-hate, resentment and may help you experience the healing, liberating powers of self-forgiveness and forgiving others.

- Meditation for contemplation
Life is so much more than just the physical, materialistic plane we live in…and we can get dragged down and get “stuck” in it. Meditation can help you understand the meaning of your life, the purpose of it – helps you experience the unity and connectedness you share with all things and help you appreciate the sacredness of Life. Meditate to connect to Spirit, whatever you perceive that to be. Or just become aware and open to the idea that there is a Higher Power and more to life than meets the eye. We can experience spiritual ecstasy during meditation, be shown different planes of existence and receive guidance for our own lives on this physical plane. “Enlightenment” is an over-used word, in my opinion, but meditation can access the Enlightened Mind of the Universe and may assist you on your own journey.

Author - Fern Ferriera

Published - 2015-04-23