12 Ways to use colour as your therapy

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12 Ways To Use Colour As Your Therapy

Vision is the master of the senses. Half of our brain's resources are dedicated to seeing and interpreting what we see in the world around us. No wonder then that colour as healing method is so effective and powerful.

However, we have been taking this magical gift from the gods for granted. Most of us have become so absorbed in busyness that we hardly notice the colours around us anymore.

Do you still notice the colour in your home, your clothes, your garden, your food or your speech?

In fact, we have forgotten to use our senses to bring us back to the moment. How often do you stop and smell the yellow in sunflowers? Do you remember to taste the red in strawberries, do you hear the orange in indie music, do you feel the violet in velvet?

Colour like love - is all around. It exists to feed our soul, to nourish our senses and to lift our spirit when we feel down. It is free, accessible and fun!


Here is how you can use colour as your therapy to heal body, heart, mind and soul.

1. Rub high-frequency colour oils on aching parts of the body. High-frequency colour oils are made by combining the resonances of colour, gems, sound, symbols, sacred geometry, aromatherapy and pranic energy.

2. Add a few drops of essential oil to your bath water or add it to water in a burner, and absorb the loveliness. Essential oils have different vibrations that correspond with the various colours.

3. Get a rainbow massage. The colour or massage therapist uses different colour oils on different parts of the body. It releases blockages on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

4. Treat yourself to a colour reflexology session. The reflexologist uses different colour oils on your hands or feet. The colour oil is rubbed onto the hand or foot at the reflex corresponding to a specific area of the body.

5. Make and drink solarised water. Take a glass of water and wrap a piece of cellophane around the glass in the colour you need and place the glass outside in the sunlight for 30 minutes.

6. Buy decor accessories in the colour that you crave. Nothing lifts ones spirits like seeing your favourite colour in your home.

7. Give your wardrobe a make-over. Make sure you have scarves, accessories or clothing in every colour of the rainbow. Wear the colour energy that you need on the day.

8. Carry coloured crystals in your handbag or pockets. Crystals give off powerful energy that you can use to support you.

9. Create a rainbow on your plate. Include foods of all colours in your diet. It is one of the most natural and effective ways to absorb the colour you need.

10. Write your own colour affirmation or mantra and repeat it throughout the day. If you need to work with green, an affirmation like I am open to giving and receiving love’, gets you to verbalise you deepest wish of your heart.

11. Visualise your favourite colour when you feel anxious or stressed. You can also use it to meditate.

12. Do a colour reading. Colour treatments usually start with the colour therapist finding the root cause of problems or challenges. A colour reading gives you instant insight into the current state of your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health.

Author - Lien Potgieter

Published - 2015-04-24