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16 Pure Spirit Energy

Sacred Energy 16


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The energy that gives life to your body is a power that transcends all matter. It is the driving force that motivates your evolution through life by inspiring you to face your many challenges and overcome your obstacles so you can grow and learn about who you are and what you are capable of. This energy is your inner teacher of light and is known as Pure Spirit Energy. It sees and knows you in ways you have yet to imagine and desires nothing more than to see you reach enlightenment. This teacher loves you unconditionally and is constantly working with you to wake up and become more aware in your life. Its constant message to you is to “take back your power” and break free from believing that you are bound to a reality you cannot change.

Go back to a recent event or situation when you had your buttons pushed and reacted by going into an old behaviour that left you feeling powerless and down on yourself. If you think back to the moment just before you reacted, you will find there was a split second of inaction or pause. You can liken it to standing at the fork in the road at the moment you are deciding which way to go. Taking the fork to the right leads to your familiar way of reacting and ending up in the same old powerless state. Following the fork to the left leads to the unknown, the unfamiliar and the potential for something new to happen. Your inner teacher is standing at the fork in the road with you, telling you to believe in yourself, try something different and walk a new path.

Every time you do this, you face a fear and overcome an obstacle. By making a different choice, you change your old beliefs, gain back a little more of your power and renew your faith in yourself. You begin to realize that you can change your life situation and move in the direction that will lead to your eventual enlightenment.
In order to build your relationship with your Pure Spirit Energy, try this exercise. It will empower you to make new choices and stop reacting. Whenever you are faced with a situation that is pushing your buttons and feel the urge to kick into reaction, pause instead and take three deep breaths. With each exhale, feel yourself releasing the energy and the impulse to react in your usual way. This will help you to defuse your reactive energy, see the situation more clearly and respond more effectively. These are moments of power that will increase your levels of self love, self-growth and the evolution of your soul.

Author - Sacred Journey

Published - 2015-04-30