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The Benefits of BARS*

What if change could be with Ease?

In the 3 years since I had experienced my first Access BARS session, this modality has gained much awareness and popularity as a dynamic process and tool.

Over the course of 12 years I have studied a variety of different courses and trained in many different disciplines (having accumulated enough certificates to cover a wall floor to ceiling). If there was something new, chances were I had either had a session or had attended a course on it!

Ahuge incentive to have a BARS session was thepossibility of changing patterns, releasingbeliefs and programming that were limitations in my life. In my first session though, I didn’t experience much except ‘some’ relaxation – I state this with full disclosure as it had always been a battleto meditate, quieten mind, find the stillness etc. Working in a full time corporate role then, I wasn’t surprised that I had not experienced much in the session. I decided that I would be open to 2 maybe 3 sessions,before writing off the modality.

My 4th session was a profound experience – finding it strange that my body would involuntarily spasm I learned that this was the release of energy that locked in as patterning. I loved once I had a FULL BARS session depending on the change I wanted to effect I could run up to 3 BARS at night.

By the 10th session, I had started to see much change in mylife that at the time despite beingat major cross roads of change, I experienced a calmer me, an internal dialogue that was less frenetic and I was choosing my responses rather than reacting to situations. I learned as well where I was not willing to receive and create more for me.

I then also recognised that there was tangiblechange in patterns, conditioning and limitations that I had previously been the effect of. I didn’t have to delve back into the past trauma to fully understand how the issue came about or what specificallyhad to be cleared.This for me has been change with ease and speed!!

In recent months, all of the above has been further supported byinsight and scientific evidence of benefits of BARS on the brain and the body.
I will go into more of the scientific findings and provide a link to a YouTube video Q&A session in part 2 to appear in the June newsletter.

*BARS is the very core of Access, a body process that allows you to start receiving and re-sets the electromagnetic charge of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. Every time you run BARS, it goes deeper and it opens up a new reality to function from, and in.
Dr Dain Heer, May 2015

If you have questions, comments, feedback – please drop Fazila Bizior an e-mail at or 084 777 7204.

Author - Fazila Bizior

Published - 2015-05-07