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My insights into creating harmony in the home came about many years ago as a result of harsh life experiences. I have used the principles successfully on myself, my family and many clients ever since.

I got divorced many many years ago, when my children were 11 months and 2 years old. I will never forget how difficult those early years were. I had no support from my parents and felt like I was drowning.

My daughters picked up my unhappiness and distress and acted out all the time, making things even worse and I truly could not cope. In desperation I went to a psychologist, and with her guidance learned to take back my power, set boundaries and slowly began the path to recovery.

A few years later I discovered the amazing world of colour therapy and then my life truly began to change.

I was running a decorating business anyway – so colour was very much a part of my life, and when I learned the psychology of colour, it was like I had come home. I studied with the Academy of Colour Therapeutics in the UK, and filled our home and lives with the jewel like bottles of colour. We bathed in them, rubbed them on our bodies, sprayed them around the home all the time, and I soon began to notice a difference in all of our behaviour.

I religiously used a combination of blue and pink oils on us all. Blue brings the strength and supportive male energy into our lives; (especially as the husband/father was absent), while the pink calmed my irritability and aggression while inviting the loving and nurturing feminine support we all needed. A perfect balance which affects the moods while balancing the left and right side of the body.

Prior to this, I had been called into the nursery school, as the teacher was at a loss on how to deal with my youngest daughter who cried all the time. She was always a shy, introverted child with intense emotional swings and was highly highly sensitive. After a few months of using this combination, she began to smile again, and people would remark at how she had come out of her shell. She is now 30 years old, and is a wonderful, successful adult who runs her own business, and I just know that the life-long support she has had through colour therapy had a huge role in this.

Another colour that is most important when going through these types of huge changes, is the colour green. The Green Oil of Transformation helps to heal the heart, and eases the pain of betrayal and past hurts. It assists you in making decisions, especially with regards to which direction or space could most support you – so if you are thinking of moving home or changing your career – using this colour will help you to follow your heart. It also invites and opens the door to new possibilities. The trick here is to become more aware – so you recognise them when they enter your space.

by Penni du PlessiAT 1

For more information on colour therapy or the products suggested please check out our website: www.divinespace.co.za. Click on the appropriate coloured petal on the homepage, and you will find lots more information on each colour.

Author - Penni Du Plessis

Published - 2015-05-15