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“Hi my name is Glen Shepherd and just a few short weeks ago I attended my first BARS class.

Not only was this a lot of fun, I actually got to have a whole day with a group of people and it was easy and so peaceful for me that well, I’d like a whole lot more of that!
You see I have Autism of the highest degree and Downs syndrome just to go along with that so my reality is very intense in this reality

What happens for me in my day-to-day life is very different than the world you move through. Not only do I not have filters for information and so often I’m on sensory overload, I also hear many sounds all at once, so people’s conversation, sounds of air moving, doors shutting, cars driving by, people breathing, skin rubbing on skin these are all sounds that sometimes are happening at the same volume for me. I also hear what’s going on in people’s heads I see the pictures that they project and believe me they are not always pretty.

Most of the time I am humming, rocking, vibrating, grinding my teeth, flapping my hands and twisting bits of my body around in an attempt to dull that maddening frae.

My good friend Delany has been running my BARS regularly even when we’re not together and this really helps. It can bring ease and peace into my body and take the burning out of my head. Sometimes it feels like there is a fire along all those pathways inside my brain, sometimes it feels like I would like to explode, so the BARS helps me.

The day that I did my first bars class and my Mum did too it was so lovely. I got to be in a room with other people all day and it didn’t hurt and it is not that these people have everything sorted out, or me either.

Is it that when people are getting their BARS run their heads are not running at 1000 km’s an hour, they are not in constant judgement of themselves and there is gentleness that is so easy to be with?

There is so much that the BARS can change. What is possible when people are not creating from a head full of garbage that is not real? I get excited and full of happiness about all the possibilities.

There is more to say about the Bars, for now i have reached my word count so till next time please Be, it so much easier.”

Author - Penni Du Plessis

Published - 2015-05-15