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Living In High Definition

Living In High Definition

an article by Julie Umpleby (

One of the things I love maintaining observation of, is the ‘as within-so without / as above-so below’ hermetic principle.

When I see the seasonal fashion colour palette for instance, it always provides an indication of the energy that fashion ‘creatives’ are tapping in to and what is happening within the collective psyche/grids. Our current northern hemisphere winter colours into 2015 for instance are a combination of bright jewel colours (pink, crimson, emerald green, fuschia, tangerine, yellow, cobalt blue) along with some dusty pinks, pale peach, ice blue and neutrals.

To expand on this, the brighter, more vibrant colours have assisted us in accessing and bringing to the fore whatever has been preventing expression from the heart (pink, emerald green), the need for rebalancing our emotional body and easing the pain and trauma from personal & world events (orange/tangerine), a need for creative solutions (orange), a desire for happiness and inner feelings of self worth (yellow) and a need to communicate and be heard (cobalt blue). This of course scratches the surface of the colour attributes, however gives a general overview of the collective needs and the energies we have been dealing with through the recent months of purge.

Following this theme, the northern hemisphere spring palette as we move forward, is described as being more ‘muted’ and comprised of softer, gentler, paler colours. It signals for us a shift to heightened, lighter frequencies (paler colours hold more light), an ease of flow, a return to more ‘natural’ tones. This is in direct accordance with many of the energy reports that we are seeing from those tapping in to the consciousness grids and astrological influences guiding us through 2015. As within, so without. There is a direct relationship that we see manifesting externally in many different ways. We are aligning ever more closely with the ‘natural’ cycles (cosmic and planetary), feeling and flowing with the shifting energies of life and reconnecting more closely with nature. We see a lot of this playing out on the global stage as people in general become more aware, attuned and sensitive to the environment in general.

More evidence of this hermetic principle can clearly be seen in the development of technology. Many analogies have been made in respect of information transfer and ever increasing bandwidth – what we see happening with technology is also happening within us and our neural networks have been constantly upgrading to accommodate greatly increasing volumes of new ‘information’ about our place in the universe as delivered by the cosmic and solar frequencies. This information and the neural adjustments, fuels the awakening process that we see taking place as more and more individuals open up to previously ‘hidden’ truths. The removal and change to so many of our previous perceptual filters, enables us to ultimately to connect with and ‘see’ life in High Definition.

We see the as within-so without workings of this in the ongoing technological creation of High Definition Everything! From gadgets to films, games, tv’s – everything promises glorious High definition for maximum visual and sensory impact. This is simply an external manifestation of what is taking place within us, as we hone our powers of perception to see and understand life, patterns, our journey, world events, manipulative media etc with greater clarity. Living in high definition enables us to cut through multiple layers of illusion, to see with the light of the heart and the eyes of the soul.

Living in High Definition is of course a quality of what many more are beginning to connect with as Diamond Consciousness. It is described in various ways, but is ultimately a heightening of all of your senses brought about by the ability to fully utilise the higher frequency energies we are being cosmically gifted with.

As we move through 2015, we are re-programming in a multitude of ways to enable High Definition living. It is the way of the Diamond, and that has fuelled my drive and purpose since my introduction to it more than a decade ago. To live in High Definition is to hold the brilliance of the diamond light of our Highest Self and shine it everywhere, bringing everything into high definition so the picture becomes wider, brighter, clearer, more transparent – even the things we would rather not see. Only by bringing everything into high definition can we then make more appropriate choices and access the potentials to create our lives anew.

High Definition in fact becomes Diamond Definition, for that is the gift that your alignment with your own Diamond Self brings you. It is a work in progress that requires our participation and engagement in what is not always an easy process.

Our planetary grids are being infused with this quality of consciousness, as the ‘old’ matrix continues to erode. Just a few days ago, one of our diamond teachers (Morag Leiper) here in the UK shared with me a vision she had this month & this is what she saw :
“The Diamonded Individuals – those who have been fearlessly committed to the anchoring of their diamond Self or beingness, were anchored as brilliant points of light or ‘inserts’ into the existing matrix. Around them, were pools of light and these were gaps where the old matrix of this planet was being broken down. Each Diamond soul was connected to another, as around the planet these diamond matrix ‘anchors’ were holding a new matrix that was inserting itself in place of the old”

I smiled as I recalled a simple phrase I was given a number of years ago when I asked my Higher Self about the ultimate purpose and function of the Diamond and was literally shown a brilliant octahedral grid descending and inserting itself into the existing grids and was told “It is breaking down the firewall”. Powerful and very meaningful imagery – now being perceived, seen, felt and accessed by more and more people. It has been my purpose, passion and privilege over the past decade to support the global transformation in this way, and to begin to see yet more of the meaning in my own (sometimes challenging) processes.

2015 is a year for living in High Definition, so allow yourself to surrender, release and expand into your Highest expression. One thing is for certain – change is required and staying in standard definition is simply not an option!

Julie has just arrived back in South Africa and will be sharing her unique gifts, teachings and therapies with us at Divine Space in Johannesburg. The Diamond Light World processes and teachings are all orientated towards supporting you to elevate your consciousness and align with the new High Definition harmonics. For more information, please visit

Author - Julie Umpleby

Published - 2015-05-21