1 "Inner Knowing"

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Lou & Laurel

20 Count Reflection

1 "Inner Knowing"

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As with all life one of the most essential necessities for growth is light. All living things possess an inner knowing to seek light in order to maintain and sustain their growth and development. This impulse is motivated by the desire to know and experience one’s full potential. Even a seed that is buried in the earth knows that it must push past rocks, stones and other debris on its journey through the darkness towards the life giving light that it relentlessly seeks. Regardless of how big the obstacle, the seed never gives up on its quest for the light. There is an encoded programming that guides this movement without the need for instruction, guidance or advice from any external source or influence. 

We are no different than the seed. 

We also move through the darkness of our inner world facing the many challenges, pitfalls and obstacles that life presents to us. Many of us come to moments in our life where it feels like the obstacle is too large and the effort is too great for us to handle. This leads to feelings of powerlessness, depression and low self esteem. We are inundated with the opinions and expectations of others and society on how to live our lives and what is best for us. In fact the more we sit and wallow with despair in the darkness of our shortcomings, the more we are vulnerable to these external influences, which do nothing but create confusion and frustration. Even in our darkest moments of despair, there still exists a glimmer of hope and an inner knowing that light still exists within us. Moving towards this light is the road to our salvation. In coming to terms with this, we discover that we know what is best for us and find the inspiration to follow the best course of action that empowers us to struggle through and emerge. 

Like the seed in the earth pushing past rocks and other obstacles in its quest for the light, we must learn to trust in our own way without being distracted by what everyone else thinks we should be doing. 

This inner knowing comes from a heartfelt space, not a mind or thinking space. 

Try the following exercise to help develop and build a relationship of trust with this space.  You will need writing materials and a quiet place in your home or out in nature where you will be undisturbed.  Spend a few moments relaxing, aligning and connecting to your heartbeat.  Once you feel the connection to your heart begin writing without concern for punctuation, grammar or spelling.  Just keep writing continuously for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Do not think about what you are writing. Let the feelings in your heart and the knowledge stored in the cells of your body flow out onto the paper. Once five minutes have passed, stop writing, burn or bury the paper without reading it again. Do this for 3 days, you will find it becomes easier to connect to and trust in what you are feeling and you will feel less need to think about it.

Author - Lou & Laurel

Published - 2015-06-01