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Body, Balance and Activation

Balancing your body and activating your energy fields sounds so cliché doesn’t it just, but it is something which I was privy to experience first-hand.  My initial reaction to being asked if I would be prepared to partake in the experiment of level five was yes sure – but I admit it was with a bit of tongue in cheek.  I was going out from the point that it was much like Reiki.  Perhaps it’s important to mention that I know how Reiki works as I have gone as far as doing my masters in this practice.  So the BBA was in my mind not much different – just a new and fancy word in all honesty.
On the given day, I tootled off to be an experimental body for the level 5.  It is best I mention that I had not experienced level 1-4 either so had no clue what I was heading into really.  WOW is such a stupid word, PROFOUND does not hit the mark either.  There is no one or two words that can describe what I experienced through the session – nor is there really any one concept that I have experienced that will bring about the feelings that I had.
It has taken Tracy White from the Energy Centre here in Durban 9 years to complete this modality.  She held an introduction talk last night and as she so jokingly said – she has now surpassed her General Practitioner’s Degree and she can call herself prof.  This is THE ONLY modality available in the world.  Talk about being in on ground breaking "natural technology’".  
It all started in quite a roundabout way – she was contacted by a Childs parent who suffered from a debilitating illness and would suffer from fits.  The parent wanted to know if Tracy would be able to help.  Being a healer Tracy of course said – let us try. Now this was all relating to having Reiki healing for this boy. 

What happened was that there was too much energy going into his body and he would fit. This troubled Tracy and she felt there had to be another way in which to help without having the side effects. She had been pondering this as she was getting into her shower one morning. She closed the shower door and suddenly there was a breeze from nowhere – and the word Le Shaar went through her mind. She had no idea what this meant. It took some time before she found out that the word is the Hebrew word for Gate. There is so much background information that I could give you, but suffice it to say that this was the start to something that is in my opinion going to hit the world by storm.

The difference between Reiki and BBA (Body, Balance Activation) is that you basically have a person channelling the energy to you in Reiki and in BBA you get plugged into the source of the energy and healing directly. Therefore Tracy White is the facilitator or person at this point who plugs you into the energy source speaking in layman’s terms. In Reiki you will have ‘’work’’ done to your chakras, which in BBA are termed discs of energy that spin and the healing that takes place with BBA is only as much as YOU or your BODY is able to absorb. Big difference – and therefore through this new method of healing Tracy was able to be of more help to this young boy.

There is no other BBA in this world, and if you are in any way or form drawn to learning more about this amazing healing modality, please do contact Tracy White:

Author - Tracy White

Published - 2015-06-09