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Shifting The Energy Around You


The Energetic Benefits of Spring Cleaning
(Shifting the energy around you) Written by Diana Farrell

Much has been written on the topic of spring cleaning over the years. Yada, yada, yada you think! Yet I write again of spring cleaning or rather "clutter clearing" as I call it in my Coaching practise.
Yes - it's to do with cleaning up the mess, tidying up, getting rid of the junk, getting neat and tidy. But it can be so much more than that!
Did you know that spring cleaning (clutter clearing) can help you get clear on a situation, encourage abundance into your life, move forward if you're feeling blocked or stuck, make space for new to come into your life, and practically anything else you need that requires an energy shift around you?
Clutter clearing will have the most impact on you and your life if you begin with the spaces closest to you - like the bedside drawers, bedroom cupboards and bathroom cupboards.

Be sure to set aside enough time to complete the job in one day if possible. If time is very short you could choose to do one drawer, or even just half a drawer if you only have fifteen minutes! Save bedroom cupboards for when you have a whole day. You need to do the clearing and putting things away again, AND moving the clutter out!

Stop here now though. Before you begin - take a few moments to think to yourself as to why you are doing this.
Apart from the obvious (getting tidy, finding things again) you could be doing this to get clear on a situation that's bothering you, to enable you to move forward on a project, to let go of the past and move forward, to make space for new to come into your life.
Take some time to think about it, and set your intention as to why you are doing this clearing - "I am clearing out the old to allow for new to come into my life" or "I am clearing out to gain insight into ......... situation." You can say the words aloud, or to yourself - as long as you take the time - whichever way you choose is fine. It's your intention that counts!

Then take everything out of the space you wish to clear. Yes - e v e r y t h i n g!

Sounds harsh, I know. Hang in there! Do it anyway! It'll get better.
When the drawer or cupboard is empty - clean that space. Dust it, wipe it, sweep it - whatever is needed so that its clean and clear. Where appropriate you can spray the space with a quick squirt of diluted essential oil (lemon or rosemary for example) to freshen the air. (Don't spray directly onto furniture or clothing items as the oils may damage them)
When you are ready to put things back - look at each article/item with the thought in mind - Do I Love this or Use it? If it doesn't fall into either category, then it should be set aside for recycling, donating or putting in the bin.
Clothes that are too big or too small, or don't fit right can all be passed on to a charity where someone else can use them. Or perhaps you know someone who can use them. In Africa there are always people who are grateful for clothing donations.
Into the category of items to move out are those that came from a past relationship that no longer serves you. Ornaments / gift items spring to mind here. Try to sense the energy they create around you - does it drag you down or make you feel lighter? Sometimes holding it in your hands (if possible) will help you sense how it makes you feel. Chances are they could make you feel dull and heavier. Move them on. Perhaps someone who doesn't know its history will treasure it.
Only put things back are either loved or needed into the space in a tidy orderly manner. The job is now almost complete!
Turning your attention now to the pile to be discarded. This can be sorted into 4 groups - recycling - as in paper or plastic; selling; giving away; or putting in the rubbish bin. Put it into the appropriate bags and move them out of your space altogether!
Not to the spare room! Not to the garage! Or shed! Or store room! OUT of your property altogether!
Perhaps it needs to go into the boot of your car to be dropped off as soon as possible. This way your energetic field can be cleared of the energy of those items as quickly as possible.
Now congratulate yourself on a job well done!


And F E E L (sense) how that space feels. Clearer, orderly, fresher? F E E L (sense) how you are feeling! Lighter? Breathing easier? Clearer?

While you are in the mode of clutter clearing, don't forget your car! Clearing out your handbag and purse can encourage financial abundance into your life! Imagine - those old till slips or lipsticks could be hindering the flow of abundance to you!!
Remember your office space. Keep what needs to be kept in neat files. What about your inbox? Messages on your phone? Do you have Techno junk? (who doesn't!)
If you are looking for clarity on a situation, be aware that you may notice in a day or two that you gain some insight into the issue.
If you have been feeling blocked, or stuck you may notice in a short space of time that you feel you can take a step forward. If you have been looking for a certain garment of clothing in the shops you could find it's suddenly available - you have made space for it by clearing out your cupboard. I was once looking for a pair of shoes to go with a particular outfit. Nada. Nix. Nothing to suit my needs. I decided to do some clearing out of old shoes, and voila - the next excursion to the shoe shops yielded exactly what I wanted.
Just do what you can when you can. Don't go into overwhelm with what needs to be done. Remember how to eat an elephant - one bite at a time! Even one small drawer cleared can make a difference. For some to clear their house it could take a year or simply be an ongoing project! Year on year! And that's just fine.
Who knew that spring cleaning (clutter clearing) could have such an impact on your life?
Who knew?

Author - Diana Farrell

Published - 2015-06-25