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20 Count Reflections

2 “Introspection and Intuition”
We live in a world and a reality that is literally impossible to share with any other human. No matter how hard we try to express, explain and share what and how we perceive and experience in life, we can never fully convey it. The truth of the matter is that the inner world we experience is solely and completely our own. Our desire and impulse to communicate what we feel, experience and perceive is an essential and integral part of being human. It provides us with the much needed external feedback that helps us to learn and grow. However, the important thing we must keep in mind is that whatever external feedback we receive, it is of no value to us unless it resonates with our inner truth. This is not only what we know to be true but also what we feel to be true. It is the challenge that most of us face. We have learned to put more weight and importance on the feedback and opinions we receive from others than to listen to and feel our inner knowing.
From early childhood we have sought to fit in, belong and conform to our external world instead of respecting, developing and trusting our intuitive knowing of what is true for us. We have been conditioned to give far more credence to the world around us over the world within us. In truth, there is no single more important authority, guide or teacher than the one we encounter within ourselves. Nobody knows us or cares for our well-being, growth and development more than this inner teacher and yet for many of us this is an estranged and unfamiliar part of our inner world.
Introspection is the key to creating an intimate relationship with the intuitive part of ourselves. This means learning how to ask the right questions and listen for the answers. It is a process of feeling and reflecting on what you are sensing and perceiving, and not focused on what you are thinking. In fact if you catch yourself thinking about it, you are going in the wrong direction.
Here is an exercise that takes practise to develop and yet is not foreign to us, because it is naturally within us. It is an exercise that must be used in as many moments as possible. The more you will yourself to do this, the more you will find yourself taking control of your own life and dancing to the beat of your own drum.
Think of all the times you had a gut feeling about something, or you just had a sense of what to do or say in a given moment. These are intuitive moments that give you access to your inner truth. The more you challenge yourself to ask the questions within and feel the answers rather than follow the impulse to seek the answers from outside yourself, the more you will develop your introspective ability to listen to your intuition. These are powerful moments and will increase your ability to recognise, accept and acknowledge the only truth you need to listen to. Your intuition will strengthen and guide you to living more comfortably in your own skin and creating a more fulfilling reality.

Author - Lou & Laurel

Published - 2015-07-20