Sending out an SOS to cut the BS of a quick fix

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Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).

AKA: Buy Every Program Known To Man In The Hopes That THIS One Will Be The One That Works.

Heard the this affliction? It's rampant in the holistic/online health practitioner population and just about every person I've talked to either had it at one point, or is currently suffering with it.

Here are the symptoms:
you are attracted to all programs that promise to fill any educational holes, regardless of whether it's connected to your work

you get excited about the idea of done-for-you programs that you can "plug and play" in your business

you enroll in large classes but don't fully participate because there's no real connection to the instructor or community, yet you keep enrolling in classes where you're one hundreds or thousands of people.

you have some form of "passion ADD" - you're interested in everything and can't figure out how to weave it all together but you continue to spend hoping someone will figure it out for you

your bank account or is irritated and inflamed due constant deductions without any relief from money coming in

When I first started teaching people about getting clear on their niche and filling their practice and programs on and offline 10 years ago there wasn't a million courses for people to choose from - there were maybe a dozen or so that catered to the holistic practitioner. Now there are thousands.

In many ways this is great! It means we have access to more and better information than every before, delivered in bite sized chunks.

But in other ways it makes it really easy for people to contract Shiny Object Syndrome. Check this out...

Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS:


- an international code signal of extreme distress, used especially by ships at sea.
- an urgent appeal for help.

People with Shiny Object Syndrome are really in extreme distress and are in urgent need of help. Distress over trying "everything" and nothing really working. Urgently wanting to move forward in their business but instead continuing to struggle.

This really needs to stop. But it won't until you get clear on one important thing.

Over the past few weeks I've been spending hours and hours on the phone with dozens and dozens of practitioners talking about where they're stuck, confused and frustrated.

Shiny object syndrome has come up in 99% of these calls, because everyone seems to have it!!

When people aren't ABSOLUTELY CRYSTAL CLEAR about the audience they serve, the problems they solve, and the transformation they provide for people, they will always struggle with shiny object syndrome and no cash flow.

In short: You Must Know Your Niche.

MUST. As in, you cannot possibly write your website if you don't know who you're writing it for. You cannot possibly send emails or promote workshops successfully if you don't know who you're serving and what you're offering.

You won't attract people to your work until you can clearly articulate what your work actually is!

This sounds basic, I know, but I honestly cannot tell you how many times in the past two weeks I've talked about this with health practitioners.

Being able to know your niche (target market, client avatar - whatever you want to call it), is so insanely important that it's something I spend a TON of time coaching my clients on once inside my Certificate Course.

Why? Because this course is all about providing the deepest and most comprehensive Functional and Environmental Health education right along side practical business coaching, mentoring, and support so that you can have a successful practice. Period.

I fully realize that most practitioners aren't going to focus exclusively on functional medicine and environmental health in their work... it's probably going to look more like this:

Diet: ~50%
Lifestyle: ~30%
Toxins: ~20%

Here's the thing: I don't care if the toxins part of your work is 5% or 95%, it's important that it get's out there.... THIS is why a full 50% (since we're talking percentages) of this Certificate Course is all about your business. Not a cookie cutter, done-for-you model, but actual metorship on your business.

And the first thing we dive into? Your Niche. Crystal Clear understanding of who you serve and how. Because NOTHING can happen until this is fully dialed in. No website, no marketing, no Facebook posts - nothing.

Without this focus on who you serve (and who you don't), you'll constantly get sucked into SOS programs....

You'll constantly be trying to unsuccessfully plug a done-for-you program into your work, because you're not sure how...

Having clarity around who you serve is really and truly the cure for this debilitating syndrome.

I'm over it... are you?

The upcoming Certificate Course in 10 Clients in 30 Days Consistently is where I get to spend 4 weeks mentoring and coaching a small intimate group on their business...

Check out everything we get up to here:

So is this course just another Shiny Object?

Nope! And here's why:

1. If you're working with people around health, toxins must be part of the conversation. It's not a frivolous subject, or an ADD distraction.

2. I NEVER want any program that anyone takes with me to be "just something else they signed up for". Providing you the information isn't enough... that's why I'll teach you how to use in a way that works for YOUR audience and keeps your practice filled and at a minimum of $10k a month.

3. There is no Done-For-You stuff in here... we'll work together to customize what you're creating so it speaks directly to your ideal client... no plug-and-play programs out there will be able to do that.

I created this course to address three key problems - lack of information & confidence, lack of credibility, and lack of know-how around integrating this into a practice (or even building a practice around it!).

Untangling this knot for people is one of the things I love most about my work - I've managed to offer clarity to hundreds of people in a short amount of time, about their niche, their business model, their programs, their marketing and filling their practices consistently...

Because of how important THIS aspect is to moving forward in your business it's a massive part of what we do in the Cert Course. This class may or may not be a good fit for you, but you won't know unless we really talk it out.

So let's talk - sound good?

Click here to open my online calendar -
I've cleared some time this week to talk to YOU.

The Certificate Course - 10 Clients in 30 Days Consistency Funnel starts in early October, and is filling up. Because of how much personal mentorship and coaching you get from me around your business, class size is kept extremely small - less than 15 people.

Here's who this class is ideal for:
Health Coaches
Holistic Practitioners
Women's Health Experts
Midwives & Doulas
Massage therapists & yoga pilates instructors
Anyone who reps/sells non-toxic products and supplements

I'm committed to helping health practitioners fill this educational gap around root cause resolution and functional, environmental health so they can more confidently and comprehensively support their clients. I'm also committed to helping health practitioners untangle the confusing knot of business/marketing/program creation so they can get out there and make HUGE changes in the world, and so they stop succumbing to Shiny Object Syndrome!

So - let's talk about where you are now, and what we can create together!
I can't wait to hear what's happening (or not happening) in your practice right now!

Author - Sarah-Jane Farrell

Published - 2015-08-26