Move out of Pain with the Alexander Technique

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Move Out Of Pain

Move out of Pain with the Alexander Technique

In our daily lives subtle and complex psycho-physical mechanisms allow us to breathe, speak, move and go about our daily tasks automatically. That is ….. until injury, illness, the demands of repeating specific skills, or just doing your job at a desk results in pain and acute awareness. We teach a technique that helps you mind your body to move out of pain.

When you need to manage pain in what feels like every moment and every move you make Alexander Technique (AT) provides a way. It is a practical and effective way to relieve and prevent pain. You can learn it, you can learn from it and you can rely on yourself entirely or combine it with other therapies you might be using. It is a technique that shows you how to mind your body with direct benefits to your health.

We all stiffen and tighten muscle groups designed to organise our skeleton in order to stand upright against gravitational pulls. In our daily living we shoulder our stresses and strains with little attention to this fundamental fact of human physical design. Many of us sit at desks for much of the day, stare at computer and/or mobile screens for hours. We sit in cars and get stuck in the traffic dealing with the mental and emotional onslaughts that creates. As we do these things we tense our necks, our shoulders, our jaws and tend to breathe in short sharp gasps. We do all this by habit and it is these habits, that contribute to the sensory conditions we experience as pain.

Natural Cause, Natural Cure

When pain is an ever present accompaniment to how and why we move joy is hard to find. AT is a simple method for managing chronic pain consciously. Recurrent and intermittent pain such as headaches, lower back, shoulder and neck pain frequently have their origins in how we respond to daily demands. AT gives you the tools to respond in a new way.

Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method for improving balance, flexibility and co-ordination. You learn to enhance your appreciation and expression of moving between :
• Flexibility and stability
• Movement and stillness
• Effort and Ease

By cultivating your attention to the details of how you go about things as you are going about them you will be able to learn how to prevent and relieve chronic pain from lower back syndrome, neck and shoulder tension, runner’s knee, tennis elbow. Recovery from surgery or illness can be improved. You can proactively and knowingly prevent future injuries through knowledge and awareness of the mechanics of movement. AT enhances and benefits specialised activities such as Yoga, Pilates, and Martial Arts. Expression in sports and the Performing Art sis enhanced by the intentional awareness that develops as your understanding of how your use affects your functioning grows.

AT need not be problem driven and you adopt its conscious, constructive approach simply to improve posture, coordination, and self-awareness so as to gain the increased energy and mental clarity that result from reducing tension and stress in everyday activities.

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Author - Sharyn West

Published - 2015-10-02