Why travel the world on an Adventure Quest?

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World Adventure Quest

It is important to know: How big is your world? For some people their whole world is their home, their suburb, their town or their city. The value of education for them is ensuring their survival and making ends meet. Self mastery and learning is a mission impossible. They do not achieve mental or emotional mastery as they do not commit to their growth, e.g. by attending motivational seminars or life change workshops. Their world is very small, but freedom isn't free!

When you commit to self mastery and evolution, your inward journeys of exploration soon lead to overseas adventure travel. World adventures expand your horizons, you become an adventure traveler engaged in the game of life. Your dreams, your life and your world become bigger.

Why go on an World adventure quest life mastery seminars? Many people are reluctant to spend their hard-earned cash on their own motivation and learning. They cannot see the exponential future benefits. It comes down to the simple question of expected value: What's in it for me?

There are many worthwhile life changing experiences of inestimable value before, during and after a life mastery seminar.
Before every world seminar event you feel excitement, enthusiasm and energetic: A wake-up call  - The anticipation of having a romance with adventure!

World adventure seminars challenge you to get out of your comfort zone into the learning channel of life. You are no longer a spectator: You feel alive; you have a purpose; your life takes on new meaning; you are going somewhere and doing something with your life. You have the time of your life as you travel to great global resorts and explore unusual locations on Gaia Earth. During world workshops and courses you are away from your usual environment. You focus entirely on self mastery principles. You learn and grow with few or no distractions. You begin to have amazing new creative project ideas for your life.

You meet and network with new people with exciting alternative lifestyles. In the presence of these students it's like swimming with dolphins, an awesome time with oceans of fun. You experience and kindle the camaraderie of new intimate friendships. Your self mastery, learning and perception is multiplied when participating in a group synergy. You expand and stretch your perception and your Self. Your eyes are opened to a new way of adventure living, traveling and being. You open yourself to a wishing well of life changing experiences.

You walk away from the seminar with something far greater than a college education or university degree you get a life experience degree in self mastery and the simple life. When you return from the Adventure you can never be the same again: Life is good, a complete metamorphosis!

You have new friends in the world, fellow world travelers; you stretched yourself and discovered unusual gifts, gifts like your own unique Voice, self esteem and self worth, being childlike, simple freedom and the meaning of freedom, the laws of attraction, the power of love, the wings of imagination and mastering the zone; you can never shrink again; you start living an extraordinary life in an ordinary way and an ordinary life in an extraordinary way. People and situations turn up that require the assistance of your new-found knowledge and wisdom: When the teacher is ready the student appears

You start integrating what you learned on the adventure quest by sharing and teaching, by paying it forward, you tithe to your world. You have become an adventure quest guide and you find yourself becoming a walking question mark. You begin to live the simple life of Mastery.

You invite everyone: Come with me on the next world adventure quest

Author - Louis Franco

Published - 2015-12-19