The Placebo Effect Part 1

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The Placebo Effect

Do you get any benefit, from anything through Meditation?

What is a placebo? How can you use meditation to create a placebo effect in your life? The following story will shed some light in answering these questions.

When I first started on my path of self discovery through meditation, one of my first teachers would often use ordinary tasks to induce an extraordinary effect in me without my knowing. We would go for walks in the wilderness, many times on a cool winter evening. He would give me a stone or a stick, or any object for that matter, and tell me to hold it against my solar plexus. This act alone would keep me warm regardless of the weather.

Using the above story as an example, the Placebo Effect occurs when you are given something, a story, a concept or a physical object, in this case a stone, stick, etc. And then you are told that it has qualities and benefits of something else, in this case, a tummy warmer. Even though the stone bears no resemblance to a heater, nor does it posses any of the qualities of a heater, it still produces the desired result! In this case, heat.

Medically, this effect has been studied with the use of sugar pills. A sugar pill does not really posses any healing qualities or benefits. Other than maybe increasing your sweetness! And yet, when some patients take this pill, believing it to be what it is not - a pain killer, their pain is relieved. The question now is: What causes this effect? And what does meditation have to do with any of this?

Looking for the X-Factor

A lot of research has been conducted in trying to determine what causes this effect in some and not in others. Many of the research articles and case studies are available on the internet. However, the missing x-factor, or cause, remains a mystery.

In most of the experiments, the participating volunteers are told, before the placebo is administered, that they will receive either a 'dummy' or the real McCoy. This instills a certain amount of doubt in the minds of the participants. When double blind experiments are conducted, the doctors themselves don't know who will be given the fake medication and who will receive the authentic medication. A double blind experiment is when both the experimentor and experimentee are kept in the dark regarding the experiment. This is done because the opinions and attitudes of the experimentor can, and usually do, affect the outcome of the experiment.

Results in these experiments vary, from a 0% success rate to a 100% success rate. However no common denominator has been established as to what causes this effect in some and not in others. As we delve deeper, you'll see how meditation makes it possible to claim that X-factor!

Mind over Matter - The X-Factor Revealed

Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, both times you are right
Henry Ford

The above quote beautifully sums up the common cliche "mind over matter". This might also leave a few clues in uncovering the mystery of the Placebo Effect! Since there is as of yet no equipment that can measure what happens in one's subconscious mind and unconscious mind, perhaps this is where the ever elusive X-factor is to be found.

Through meditation you are able to use your Conscious mind to purposefully direct your unconscious and subconscious mind. This gives you the power to consciously choose your own placebos, or if you want, your own nocebos. This makes it possible for you to work more purposefully with healing, your goals and dreams.

Meditation - Accessing the Power of the Unconscious Mind and Subconscious Mind

The powerful unconscious interplay between the object and the observer is not merely intellectual and is the reason there is such a thing as a placebo effect. There is a dimension of awareness in each of us that can actually tap the forces behind the object, bringing to us certain resources that are unavailable through only the outer mind. From Avalanche by Dr. W. Brugh Joy, M.D.

Using meditation as an exploration and an enhancement of awareness of the workings of the subconscious mind opens new possibilities and unlocks inner resources. These possibilities range from psychic abilities, profound realizations, and the ability to start consciously directing your life. Meditation then becomes a vehicle or a placebo for unlocking your unlimited potential.

Science knows that the power of our mind goes largely unused. Human beings use only 10% of their brain capabilities. Masters and sages have always suggested that we only use 1%. It's a bit like the world's most powerful super computer being used as a calculator. So what happened to the other 90% - 99%?

There is an invisible veil that shrouds the world of magic and wonder from our normal, day-to-day, waking minds or consciousness. Perhaps what is beyond this veil is where the other 90% - 99% of our human potential may be found? Through various meditation techniques and practices this veil is slowly lifted. As this happens you find yourself living more and more in the mystery. In this space, many, many new experiences and revelations become possible! Would you like to discover more on how meditation can make it possible for you to pierce this veil...?


Author - Louis Franco / Andrew Pittendrigh

Published - 2015-12-23