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Chi Kung Holistic Massage

Chi Kung Holistic Massage is an energy touch massage that allows lymphatic drainage and chakra alignment. Chi Kung uses breath work, movement, postures and visualization to clear stress and emotional trauma that is processed and stored in our organs, so that we can conserve, balance and project our Chi. It is a wonderful way of being and Chi Kung Holistic Massage compliments this cleansing process and preventative therapy. The massage uses Swedish effleurage and Petrisage with Coco nut oil, Colour therapy oils and crystals to relax and align. Then there is direct massage on the organs, which process different emotions, such as the colon, stomach, small intestine, spleen, gall bladder, bladder ( inner alchemy and equality), lungs(past, pain, grief and loss), kidneys(fear),liver (anger and jealousy), pancreas(allowance). Emotional stress and trauma shows up as granules surrounded by adipose tissue in the organ which is shifted with pressure, manipulation and pulse work. Different areas of the body can run at different temperatures with a different pulse. Connecting to points, either side of the midline, synchronization and balance is achieved, like a jump start to a sluggish or stressed area. Pressure and manipulation activate healing and change with the aid of stem cells. The wind gate is also balance. The wind Gate is in and around the navel which was our connection to our mother where she fed our organs and now it is an external access point to the circuits. Much like Shiatsu points, but just pulsing pressure is used. One is supported with Chi and left feeling relaxed and energized.

Author - Michael Lewis

Published - 2016-03-18