Reduce stress through Kinesiology

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Reduce stress through Kinesiology

Reduce stress through Kinesiology

We are all created healthy and whole with the ability to be flexible and flowing, adapting to whatever life throws at us. However, now days life is happening at such a fast pace; full of deadlines, demands and frustrations, with little time for you to rest or catch your breath. For many, living with some kind of STRESS is quite normal and has become a way of life.

However living in a state of STRESS is not healthy, nor is it sustainable and this is when your health pays the price.

What is stress?
"Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from difficult or demanding circumstance".

On- going stress
Stress can affect your mind, emotions and physical body and when you are faced with large amounts of on-going and sometimes multiple “stressors" you can become tired, unmotivated, sick and unable to think logically.

When this happens it blurs your thought process and you literally can't think straight affecting your ability to find the answers to your problems which is when you become "stressed out" and mentally off balance. Ongoing stress that is not addressed can lead to a breakdown, illness and emotional imbalance.

Fight-or-Flight Mode….
Our response to stress comes from the nervous system; this is known as the fight-or-flight response. This is a built in physiological reaction that occurs when there is an attack or threat of any kind to your survival and you need to defend yourself by either fighting or running from the threat. Fear is your primal instinct that keeps you safe, whether the threat is real or imaginary.

When you are staring danger in the face, it is fear that makes your heart race, pumping blood quickly from the front part of your brain to your muscle and limbs, heightening your senses, so that you can fight or flee. Back in the cave man days when faced by a hungry lion, this defense response would have been fine, but in the absence of a predator, this reaction is never healthy, nor appropriate. Besides the physical health implications it blocks logical thinking and clear decision making. You could even exaggerate the risks and impending dangers, evil or pain that you think may lie ahead.

Fear is a completely normal human behavior but when it gets out of control, you start living in defense mode. Striking at every turn can become very destructive to you and those around. Uncontrolled it turns into constant stress which could lead to problems at the office, upset in your personal relationships and in the quality of your life.

What is living in defense costing you?
When conditioned to live in a defensive mind state, due to a buildup of stress, it’s no wonder that fear drives a lot of your decisions or lack of motivation. Small amounts of fear are important to your survival but exaggerated fear is almost never a good advisor and can be a terrible driver. Fear can steer you away from life changing opportunities, causing you to miss out on what’s really possible for your lives. Fear cheats you out of living fully expressed and can be your greatest source of self suffering, leaving you living constantly with “stress”.

By understanding what causes STRESS and being aware of the signs and symptoms, you can take the necessary steps to reduce its harmful effects.

Kinesiology and stress
The various techniques and processes that we use will help you to become aware of, acknowledge and understand why you are struggling to cope with your stress and then to let it go.

We do not undo anything, but at your pace we will gently unravel and peel back the layers that have accumulated over time, allowing you to fully understand any underlying fears, beliefs or behavioral patterning that has been keeping you stuck in “stress”. The Kinesiology techniques offer you new and better ways of seeing problems and dealing with your stress more effectively, thus moving you out of defense. Once out of a defensive mind state you allow yourself to use your intelligence more effectively so that you let go of what doesn’t serve you, so you can live life to the best of your ability.

The Kinesiology approach helps you to ….
See new and different ways of approaching life situations, so you can make your life richer.
Improve your confidence, so you move in the direction of your truest self.
Overcome your fears so you can accomplish your scariest tasks, which you know will lead you towards your life goals.
Recognise and move past fear with more ease.
Be better able to distinguish between fear-based and love-based decisions.
Become an observer of your fears, so your actions are a conscious choice, not a reactive choice.
Take advantage of all your resources and references you have in order to support you.
Improve your ability to integrate all parts of your life more positively so you can live life optimally.

Author - Debra McCreedy

Published - 2016-03-01