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Asbestos Cleanse

Asbestos Cleanse

With all the news of the droughts that have struck South Africa and many other parts of the world, we are so focused on the broadcast information (TV etc.), that we have become remiss in discerning how this will affect us individually.

As the water crises gathers momentum, we at Herba Farmacy Natural Healing, have an obligation to keep you informed on developments. This is the news we would like you all to take to heart and implement.

What is so important to share with you is that as water is now a controlled substance, municipalities are obliged to limit water out of peak time. What happens when the water stops flowing through our water pipes? The first point is that most South Africans are not aware that our water pipes are badly outdated and made from materials that contain Asbestos. This asbestos will contaminate all the water supplies to our homes, but when the water is no longer running through the pipes an even more sinister picture is painted. The dry pipes bake in the soil and through this heat process even more asbestos fibres are released. The water supply is then turned on again and the water floods the pipes and carries these very dangerous fibres into every persons home.

Here is an explanation by Dr Hulda Clark from her book (The Prevention of All Cancers pg.207-209 copyright), that will assist you in understanding the dangers of Asbestos.

“Asbestos pollutes so much of our foods – e.g. the peels of fruits from being on conveyor belts and sugar. As soon as we ingest it our immune cells gobble it up. Asbestos is like tiny sharp needles that penetrate everything and they are soon free again, probably cutting through the cells.

So the body makes another plan – it covers the points of the needles with a substance that acts as a sticky gum and sticks the needles together keeping them in blunter bundles. The gum is a substance called FERRITIN – but it is also torn by the sharp asbestos and exposes its ferric IRON core which is highly oxidising – it over-oxidises everything including good germanium turning it into bad germanium. This bad or oxidised germanium attacks the spleen and causes anaemia. Good germanium is necessary to prevent mutations and cancer.

Asbestos causes our FERRITIN to be used up and the released iron uses up Vit C and Cysteine which are reducers. Reducers cancel our oxidisers. So we use MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) in the FERRITIN FIGHTER recipe to supply much stronger reducing power. Good germanium gives us special immunity – it makes interferon (very important immune cell) and increases the T-cells that are decimated by HIV. Asbestos turns good germanium into bad germanium. Good germanium protects our cells from virus invasion.

Although FERRITIN sacrifices itself to save us from the asbestos there is a draw back – as it coats and smears the outside of the white blood cells to allow them to glue the Asbestos up, it also blinds them. “When white blood cells contain asbestos, they become coated on the outside with ferritin. This ruins their immune function. Their outside surface has receptor sites that must be able to “see” and “feel” enemies of your body. Removing this ferritin restores their immune functions”. Their surface receptors that are like their ears and eyes are blinded and by digesting FERRITIN we allow them to regain their sight. They can now find other white blood cells to pass their toxic cargo on to help them.
That is why it is called the FERRITIN FIGHTER – the ingredients in it Bromelain and Papain are plant enzymes that can digest the ferritin off the white blood cells.

It does no good to take organic germanium supplements because these commercially available ones still have the bad germanium in it. And unless you rid your body of asbestos and benzene our body will keep changing good germanium into bad. When the FERRITIN FIGHTER is used it allows the body to be cleared of Asbestos much quicker and there is less damaged ferritin exposing its ferric IRON that oxidised the good germanium.
So immunity is restored!

Asbestos in our Food and Water

We have been so focused on asbestos in walls and ceilings that we missed the most obvious places, food and water. Not being able to detect the smaller fibres (under 10 um), while these are actually the most harmful and numerous, making the agencies’ regulations almost useless. When the tiniest bit of asbestos is put in water, all the water around it becomes southerly-polarized. When a tiny bit get stuck in our tissue, the surrounding fluid, blood, and tissue become southerly. This is the trigger felt by the hypothalamus in the brain, telling it to release its stem cell factor. The message received could be imagined as “Iron has been oxidized to south pole; this organ is surely traumatized and open to air, it will be in need of growth to repair the trauma”. Our bodies cannot be expected to know this is a false alarm. We did not evolve with asbestos in our food or water to make it wary.”

“Fortunately, we can wash the asbestos off our food if we use the same special hot washes described for PCB’s and benzene. After this we can use a special chemical, Levamisole, to remove the ferritin coating from the white blood cells. But cleaning our drinking water would require filtering.

When asbestos has left your organs, along with nickel and wheel bearing grease, they become north polarized again.
Remember that south polarization is not to be demonized. It is reserved for the nervous system by day and the body’s growing and healing points at all times. The blood, though, swings from northerly to southerly and back again, minute by minute.

Work is being done here that is still quite mysterious. It is an exchange of iron status, using iridium. And the white blood cells cycle from northerly to southerly and back again, too, with every toxic load they process and shed. We will get back these normal rhythms, and get back to a normal life when the polarizations are correct.”
Fig. 73 Asbestos spears magnified (see POAC pg. 209)

(The Prevention of All Cancers pg.207-209 copyright)

It is our hope that each and every person makes the choice to do at least 3 Asbestos Detoxes a year. It is so important to have the understanding that once we are in crises mode it is far more difficult to cleanse the body and deal with all the other issues that have been created, than to use PREVENTATIVE MEASURES.

Author - Desiree Campher

Published - 2016-03-07