How to have ZERO cold days this year

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Stay Healthy and Flue Free during the cold monthss

It is amazing how the common cold can take so much of our healing time
I want to share with you some of the main tips to help you stay healthy this winter and prevent a cold so you can use your energy and time for the health goals you want to achieve.

Although I am not a fan of hand sanitisers winter is the time for us to use them. You have a 70 percent change of getting the cold and flu from your fellow human beings by touch. Wash your hands regular.

Up your Vitamin C. We are the only mammals that cannot make our own vitamin C and have to consume it from external sources. All good and well to eat more fruits like kiwis and oranges but the quality of our foods has sadly declined due to unnatural farming methods, storage and transport of the foods. If your granny ate an orange to get the amount of Vitamin C necessary to help the immune system, we now have to consume about 5 oranges on average to achieve the same result. Supplementation with vitamin C is an easy way to get the quantity that you need. A special note: use non acidic Vitamin C as acid creates an environment for disease to proliferate.

Check your vitamin D levels. About 90 percent, yes that is right 90 percent of my patients are deficient in this vital Vitamin (actually a pro hormone). Vitamin D works over 500 different ways on your body. The most important include:
- Increases your immunity (it has also been called the natural vaccine);
- Protects against certain breast and colon cancers;
- Improves moods;
- Decreases inflammation;
- Helps with bone density (much more important than calcium)

Finding out your Vitamin D status is best done by a simple blood test which then indicates the dosage which can be anything from 500 iu to 50 000 iu. If you want to know your status, we will provide the test requisition form. Have blood drawn at your closest Lancet Lab. We receive the results in 48 hours and will communicate the findings to you. Request form here

Change of temperature. As you know how a lot of patients are sensitive to drafts. With the temperature gradually changing it is best to adapt day by day. One of the main acupuncture points for immunity is at the back of your neck. If you touch your chin to your chest and feel the most prominent area of the neck that stands out; this is Governing vessel. This point is also known as the "Way of Happiness". After your workout at the gym cover the back of your neck with your towel to prevent the cold from entering your body. Use a scarf over this point when you in are an office where the air conditioning is too cold for you. For your children that still love swimming cover the neck area as soon as they come out of the water to prevent illness.

Stay hydrated. We tend not to notice thirst in the colder weather, so we need to be more conscious of our fluid intake. Drinking enough good fluids like water and herbal teas helps your body to work optimally. How much water is necessary?
Cool site to see how much water you need. South Africa is not part of the options for Countries. I choose Spain.

Eating like a rainbow, including foods of all the different colours. Eating seasonal foods is also key. Each season’s fruits and vegetables provide you with the necessary nutrients to help you during that season. Click here to see what the rainbow diet provides you - how different foods work differently in the body.

Adequate rest. According to TCM as well as Nature’s example, winter is a time to slow down and even withdraw (trees and plants die down, bears hibernate,) and we need to do that too, as much as our lifestyles allow. Meditation is a wonderful technique for helping us quiet our over-active minds, and allowing us to be more tranquil.

Last note. Prevention (following the above guidelines) is much easier than cure. Having said that, the best time to treat a cold or flu is as soon as you begin to feel the symptoms. The flu will complete its course and we can help you feel much more comfortable during that time treating you with natural medicine. In fact I even have patients who come for acupuncture sessions to improve their immune system and keep them healthy.

If you feel you would like more specific guidance feel free to make an appointment to discuss. Online bookings also available.

Author - Dr Debbie Smith

Published - 2016-03-17