Can someone with Diabetes take natural progesterone?

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Natural Progesterone


Can someone with Diabetes take natural progesterone?

You are making the right choice here. Progestins are dangerous drugs. Natural progesterone gets to the cause of a miriad of problems. If you have POLYCYSTIC OVARARIAN DISEASE (PCOD) then you are already insulin resistant, so you need to act now, for your health's sake, and change your diet and eating habits.

Watch what you eat. NO junk! Sugar is our worst poison as it throws you into insulin resistance which prevents ovulation and causes Polycystic Ovary Disease. (Progesterone will help this, but may take a few more
months than just 3). What happens with PCOD is that once insulin resistance starts it does throw other hormones out of balance and the LH and FSH, hormones that are responsible for releasing one egg per month behave badly. Many ovum start to mature, but none reach maturation and therefore not one is released. This means that no ovulation occurs. Without ovulation, progesterone is not produced in the 2nd half of your cycle. This leads to horrific oestrogen dominance with all those symptoms. The body tries to compensate and many androgens (male hormones) are released instead. ( This causes hairy arms, face etc. and thickening of the body and hair loss on the head). PROGESTERONE goes a long way to restoring balance. It gets rid of the oestrogen dominance and sorts out the androgens. But the crux of the matter is INSULIN RESISTANCE and until this is addressed, your problems will still be there. The symptoms will be greatly helped by taking added progesterone. The other problem with PCOD is that the immature ovum in the ovaries start to from cysts which causes pain.

To reverse POCD, eat fresh ORGANIC fruit and veg as your main source of food, and at least 70% raw (so salads with everything and a smoothie for breakfast). You can eat organic free range, grass fed meat as well. Avoid animal meat that has been raised in feed lots because this is full of the toxins you are trying to avoid. AVOID all refined carbohydrates! In fact whilst you are losing this weight, cut out ALL carbohydrates (this includes grains) completely. Also avoid the Xeno-oestrogens in skin care products, use natural/organic ranges.

Author - Sally Longden

Published - 2016-04-19