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Understanding how the body works

Choose to ACT, not RE-Act!

Our bodies speak volumes and show by expression of assimilation of what we understand and process from our mental and emotional reality. Experiences such as: shock, fear, gratitude, realisation, anger, resentment, will be felt in the physical body as a sensation and reaction.
Our thoughts and feelings, which dominate our reality, have a huge effect on our physical body. This is the law of cause and effect. It makes sense to listen and honour what our bodies are feeling and communicating, to show us what is out of balance and how our emotional state is affecting us physically.

This being said, what are you experiencing physically now? Scan your body, what is moving through you? What feels tight, sore, sensitive, light, excited or spacious? Go into that. Now review what you have experienced emotionally and mentally today. See a connection? You may need to dig around a bit to see the connection, as we experience and process so much on a daily basis as we experience a barrage of influences and situations, and how we respond to those.
How we respond is key. We can and do, knee-jerk react to built- in conditioning and beliefs, sounds, experiences and situations. Examine how you react to life. Examples: loud noises, raised voices, certain sounds, smells or characteristics in others. What is your first instinct and knee-jerk reaction? As an example, in my life, I react with fear to raised voices from my conditioning from childhood experiences. I literally cannot tolerate hearing anger from others as it reverberates through me on every level. The fear makes my whole body tense and I become ungrounded and irritable.

However, we have a choice in how we choose to react. The first step is to become aware of the knee-jerk reactions, and then you have the ability to change how you want to ACT, so you are not so affected by the stimulus and being a slave to it. By managing our reactions, we manage our quality of life through action not re-action.
This means you are taking responsibility, not only for your quality of life, but by 'owning' our part in how we want to live, and not being a victim or slave to your conditioning, beliefs and experiences. Yes, time and effort is required, but the rewards are great. It is YOUR choice; do you want to live a more peaceful life, or to be controlled?
Let me guide and assist you with your process. Take responsibility now, and change your life!

Author - Hayley Rautenbach

Published - 2016-07-11