What is an Emotional Clearing Journey

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What is Emotional Clearing all about

What is an Emotional Clearing Journey and How can this kind of therapy help you?

Whether you have dealt with the death of a loved one, bad relationships or maybe just the usual office politics, we as humans are continuously faced with emotional challenges in our lives that seem never to really get out of our system. They continuously play on the mind, leaving us feeling negative, frustrated and defeated or result in an emotional outburst. While some people seek professional or self-help, most of us are told by others, that “everyone goes through these things” and so we feel it is a norm and therefore do not attempt to heal from the repercussions of an unpleasant experience or do not attempt to resolve what may be causing our current unhappiness.

Even though one may ignore what has happened or is currently happening to them, the experience continues to have a negative impact on their life and who they are, whether one is aware of its impact on them or not. Sometimes a negative emotional experience may have such an impact on us that it prevents us from moving forward with our lives or begins to affect our physical health. Many people would recommend counselling as a way of coping with emotional trauma, which is always advisable, but what about the various other options out there that may complement one’s emotional healing process?

Emotional Clearing Journeys have become an increasingly popular form of therapy helping more and more individuals lead healthier, happier lives both physically and mentally.

What Does an Emotional Clearing Journey Entail?
During an Emotional Clearing Journey, the individual is deeply relaxed by the use of skilful techniques and is then able to gently recall a particular emotional experience, which they desire to release, under the guidance of their practitioner. Emotional Clearing Journeys do not only help one to release the negative emotions that burden them but also provide one with coping mechanisms and the emotional tools to move forward in their healing process or current situation.

What Can I Expect to Feel After An Emotional Clearing Journey Session?
Most people feel a sense of peace, release and further understanding of their emotions and the emotional experience they have dealt with in the session. This kind of therapy can bring one great closure and a feeling of empowerment. It is seldom that one finds a release too traumatic to handle.

How Often Should I Have An Emotional Clearing Journey?
Each individual and situation is different and one should always seek further advice from their practitioner as to how often and frequently one may require and Emotional Release. Most practitioners would advise their clients to deal with a single emotion at a time.
When one is committed to taking responsibility for one’s own feelings and seeks out such therapy as an Emotional Clearing Journey, true healing can occur and a peaceful life made possible. Holding onto emotions and situations that do not serve you will prevent you from leading the blissful life that you deserve.

Author - Thamini Naidoo

Published - 2016-07-11