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How to become grounded in Meditation


How will you know if you are ungrounded? Below is a list of some of the more common symptoms of being ungrounded.

  • Dizziness
  • Daydreaming
  • A feeling of being 'Spaced Out'
  • Feeling sick
  • Heart palpitations
  • Eyes flickering
  • Weight gain
  • Clumsiness
  • Static shocks
  • Falling asleep when meditating
  • Noise and light sensitive
  • Forgetful
  • Having brilliant ideas that never happen
  • Arguing and unable to get your point across

So how do I become more grounded?
Here are some things you can do to help bring you back down to earth:

  • Eating (hence sometimes the weight gain) - healthy & balanced.
  • Drinking water
  • Walking, especially in natural surroundings
  • Sports, yoga postures, Pilates etc.
  • Gardening
  • Animals e.g. walking the dog
  • Visualization of roots/colour (see below)
  • Carrying crystals on your person

All of the above are fairly self explanatory with the possible exception of visualization and the use of crystals, so here is a quick guideline as to how you can use either of these techniques:

The easiest and most helpful thing to imagine when you are trying to ground yourself is tree roots! Just imagine you have long sturdy roots coming from the base of your feet (which should remain flat on the floor during the visualisation), or, from the base of your spine if you are sitting directly on the floor. Just let these roots go right down in to the earth below and let them anchor you onto the earth. This is a very quick and efficient technique to remember when releasing energy.
Colour can also be quite helpful, deep earthy colours such as red, brown and terracotta are always good. Again just imagine that this colour surrounds you. You can imagine it as light or a cloak or blanket, whatever is easier for you.

Crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process. It is best to carry them on your person, e.g. in a pocket or tucked into your clothing. You must remember to cleanse and dedicate your chosen crystal for this purpose before using it. Here is a list of a few easy to obtain crystals that could be used for this purpose:

Red jasper (most jaspers are good as grounders) Bloodstone, Hematite, Gold tigers eye, Carnelian, Garnet, Pyrite, Copper, Amber, Unakite.

Any time you feel spacey or disoriented it is a good idea to ground and center yourself. The first step in many spiritual practices is to learn to ground, that is to connect yourself energetically to the core of the Earth. Even when you wish to astral travel or meditate you will find that beginning from being grounded will help with inner focus.

There are many techniques for grounding, the essence of most methods is to relax and visualize yourself sending an energy cord or light beam into the earth from your root chakra (at the tailbone) and seeing it reach the earth core allowing you to get energy from the Earth and return excess energy down the cord. The energy you send down the cord that is not your own is cleansed and used by the earth. Your own energy is cleansed and returned to you.

The visualization I most often use, for protection and grounding is I send a column of light from my Heart chakra out through my Crown chakra up to source. Once it connects to source, it flows back down my central channel, clearing and balancing my chakras and then out through my Root chakra and down into the centre of Mother Earth. I then expand it to be a tube, encompassing my entire aura and ‘sealing’ me in behind protective, invisible ‘glass’.
Eating, stomping your feet placing your hands on your thighs and intending to ground are some other methods there are dozens of different techniques and meditations for protecting, grounding and centring because these practices are a vital part of our personal well being.

Author - Diana Smith

Published - 2016-07-11