Acknowledging being depressed again

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Acknowledging being depressed again


One of my clients who is creating some inspirational cards for people who suffer with anxiety ad depression was telling me about her niece whose suffered on and off with low moments, bouts of depression and doubt her whole sweet life and whose gratitude for the day was

I got out of bed today
Its huge to be able to celebrate the seemingly small actions when you would rather stay curled in a foetal position under the covers
I know what that feels like
Moments when I could not get out of bed in the dark days of my journey to understanding my own spiritual breakthroughs


If you’ve ever been depressed, you probably know that it can come back, even after years or months of recovery.
It may creep up on you, or it may hit you when you least expect it. The dark thoughts, the guilt, self-doubt, the regrets and fears can paralyze you.
Times like these, it’s important to remember: Don’t believe everything you think. 

I’ve experienced first hand the kinds of thoughts that can run through your head when depression pops back up. And I’m here to tell you, regardless of how compelling the thoughts may sound to you:

It doesn’t mean you’re incapable of doing great things.
It doesn’t mean you’re bad at relationships.
It doesn’t mean all the choices you’ve made are wrong.
It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, weak, or a failure.
It doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself, your life, or your dreams.


While depression tells many lies, it might also be revealing some truths to you. 

Here’s what being depressed could mean:

You need more self-care.
You need to make some tough decisions.
You could be trying to do too much.
You’re spending too much time thinking and not enough in action. (Or vice versa)
You’re ready to change a bad habit.
You need to be more honest about something.
You need to eat better.
You need more sleep.
You need some time outdoors.
You need to talk to someone.
You may need a different medication, supplement, or treatment.


See the difference?

Need a little support?

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Author - Sarah-Jane Farrell

Published - 2016-08-12