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Red pill, or blue pill, quick fixes and magic promises

Is there really a short-cut to happiness?

Which ‘quick fix’ has worked for you?

Does ‘life hacks’ work?

Trauma is really about not being willing to be living in the here and now – so none of us are exempt of some form of trauma or nervous system disregulation.

We want to have our survival responses go off in a healthy way to keep us alive and thriving. When there is no tiger present we need to come back to baseline and be able relate and engage with our fellow human. If we stay on or off and cannot come down then we are in  state of trauma in one form or another.

The good news is that you can heal from either covert or overt trauma naturally.

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happiness is just a choice copy

In our instant gratification culture, there is an urban myth circling our news-feeds, e-mails and self-help articles. This myth takes form through the web usually called “5 life hacks to happiness’ or ‘Quick fix for depression” or “7 ways to ……”.

I would LOVE to tell you that there is a tablet you could take which solve all your problems, eliminate issues, dissolve the tough feelings, thoughts and emotions;
OR that in one easy step you could wash away the pain;
OR  a magic potion which will make the chaos creators in your life disappear…

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The catalytic truth is that there are no “quick-fixes”, there is no “life-hacks” or “short cuts” into the realms of knowing thyself.

In my years as an intuitve energy medicine and integartive health practitioner, spiritual teacher and facilitator I have seen various new methodologies, spiritual fads, diets, cures, theories come and then go…. I have worked with despondent people who have tried these ‘quick fixes’ only to be left even more stuck than before because it didn’t work.

What has worked and yielded sustainable results both personally, and for my students & clients is “The Work”.

In this colourful life, change is inevitable, and experiencing pain is inherent to our journey. We get stuck when we suppress these feelings and emotions, when we try to evade them, deny or numb them and jump into only feeling the good ones…. the highs of the emotions spectrum.
The transition of change is a process, and when we can acknowledge it, and stay awake during this journey, suffering becomes an empowering choice.

When we skip stages of this transitional journey, we rob ourselves from the profound gifts which they can bestow upon us, like a deeper sense of empathy, vulnerable connection, expansive awareness, spiritual truth and acquiring new found personal insights which will guide you through the next chapters of change in your life.

Its about owning your full, unapologetic story… unedited…. including the dark nights of the soul….

“The work” is an ongoing daily practice.
Compassion is a practice.
Forgiveness is a practice.
Being authentic is a practice.

The life-altering truth is is that “The work” is a liberating journey into the depths of sacred knowledge….
And that this journey requires :

    • courage to face the truth;
    • perseverance, determination & focus to stay on course;
    • stillness in order to actively listen to your intuition,
    • bravery  to enter the unknown
    • and an open heart which embraces the practice of vulnerability.

This is the ‘work’ and it yields gifts beyond your wildest dreams….

Be Brave dear Heart!

Author - Sarah-jane Farrell

Published - 2016-08-12