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Spring is here

How often are you saying (or thinking)… “I’m so tired”, “I feel drained”, “I’m stressed”?

If you are, then don’t you want a different story? If you are feeling tired of feeling tired imagine how everyone around you feels!

Perhaps life has run away with you and you are feeling depleted and only feel like a shell of yourself. So maybe it is time to look at things from a different perspective and make a few lifestyle changes.

Spring is all about letting go of the “old” and welcoming the “new”. All around us we see new life springing up - it truly is a period of rejuvenation and blossoming. This makes spring the perfect season to look at what is causing dis-ease, dis-comfort or unhappiness in your life, and to make a conscious decision to move away from these destructive habits towards balance, harmony, health and happiness.

We all know that an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking, constantly eating take-outs, drinking too much alcohol and sugar drinks, not getting enough sleep, not exercising, dealing with constant stress, being in toxic situations, all contribute to spiking then dropping our energy levels. All these factors leave us feeling tired, irritated and with physical pain such as headaches, stomach issues or even worse… life-long chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

By changing just a few lifestyle habits you can boost your energy to see and feel instant transformations in your life, work and relationships. Make energy boosting lifestyle changes to strengthen your immune system, elevate your mood, regulate your appetite, reduce your stress levels and balance your lifestyle.

All it requires is to take one step at a time and change a few habits for the better. It is that simple.

Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips on how to boost, increase your energy levels and get that natural high this spring:

Eat your greens
• Stock up your fridge with fresh fruit and veg that you enjoy eating
• Start your day off the right way with a fruit & veg packed smoothie

Sleep tight
• Missing out on sleep can lead to weight gain!
• The amount of your sleep you need depends on your lifestyle but a general guideline is 7-9hrs per night of uninterrupted

Get your heart pumping
• Release your happy hormones and endorphins by doing exercise and heart pumping workouts that you enjoy
Breathe in fresh air
• Go for a walk outdoors and take long deep breathes
• Soak up some sunshine which releases vitamin D in your body and will lift your spirits
Clear your head
• Reduce your stress levels, mental fatigue and anxiety by clearing your mind from worries- meditate, write a to do list or
get some time outdoors

Get your natural high
• Take your supplements and natural products to assist you in increasing your energy levels
Do your health checks
• Visit the nurse at Wellness Warehouse and do a full Discovery Health Check to learn about your risk for chronic diseases
of lifestyle by testing your blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and weight – plus earning thousands of Discovery points
while doing so! She will also be able to help with specific natural supplements you may need to take to support you on
your journey to wellness

Happy thoughts
• By looking through your ‘sunshine sunnies’ and having a positive outlook on life, you maintain high energy levels and
keep happy vibes flowing
• Download positive affirmation card apps for daily inspirations, read books, watch YouTube videos or sign up to websites
that inspire you
Energize with Yoga
• Backbends open up the heart, liberate your soul, stimulate your body, get your heart pumping and energize your whole

To conclude, it always seems daunting before you start but once you set the ball in motion, each day becomes a little easier. Start by writing a list of new Healthy Habits you can integrate into your life this week and action them, then notice how your energy levels change and how you feel.
Feeling the real benefits of making a positive lifestyle shift will motivate you on your journey to health and wellness – and we guarantee you won’t look back!

Author - Sharni Quinn

Published - 2016-09-02