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Shift to love

As we move deeper and deeper into the collision of crises that besets our world, many of us are becoming very clear that enormous structural change is required in order to even survive into the future. When we look at the enormity of what has to be done we can easily become overwhelmed. The truth is that we are in this together and it’s going to require a collective shift in consciousness for us to emerge into a new and more beautiful world.

 From an evolutionary perspective we currently live in the age of power. Human consciousness is grounded in the third chakra, the centre of power and will. The general aspiration is to be a winner and avoid being a loser. We have learned many of our lessons in power through the abuse of power, creating victims and tyrants. In fact the main dynamic we have created is the victim|tyrant dynamic. As a collective we have created elaborate systems of oppression often based on difference in class, money, race and gender.

 In order to move out of the current paradigm some rather major changes have to happen. Perhaps we can see some visionary new structures emerging on the horizon but they seem slow and somewhat ineffectual in coming into being.

 Our deep responsibility to ourselves and to our planet at this time is to become actively involved in an evolutionary co-creation.

So what can we as individuals do?

 One of the most useful understandings for me was to understand that this is not the first and only time humanity has been through a consciousness shift. There have been several, and mostly they are lost in the mist of time but many of us are remembering and reconstituting some of the ways we remember from our own distant past.

 More than 5000 years ago humanity lived on earth in a very different way. While we already had ‘civilization’ it is clear from the lack of defensive structures in the archeological record that we were a deeply non-violent society. Women were held in high regard, which is evident in the art and the enormous amount of goddess cult objects. The sizes of homes were all more or less the same reflecting a lack of class hierarchy. That the society was not patriarchal and that power was not a big issue is clear. It seems the ideas of the day were more around creativity and fertility. People were concerned with how to generate.

 My own evolution was deeply catalyzed by knowing that another world is possible. If you would like to go more deeply into that, I highly recommend tha you read one or all of the following books:

 “The Chalice and the Blade” by Riane Eisler

 “The Fall” by Steve Taylor

who also has an excellent website: CLICK HERE

 “The Alphabet vs the Goddess” by Leonard Shlain

 The talk is also on Youtube but not as good as the book! CLICK HERE

 Once your mind is opened up to the possibility of a paradigm shift the most essential ingredient is there!

 A reference to the classic yogic chakra system is very useful to understand, here it is in very simple terms:

    •  The first Chakra is the level of survival. Not so much as we experience it as a fear space but very much survival in tune with the natural world.
    •  The second chakra the seat of fertility and creation.
    •  The third chakra is the centre of power and the will.
    •  The fourth chakra is the centre of love and the beginning of the breakdown of the harsh edge between self and other.
    •  The fifth chakra is the centre of truth and expression
    •  The sixth begins the awakening into the deeply transcendent aspects of being: The dissolution of separation and the experience of the universe as Non-Dual.
    •  The seventh chakra is the centre of the realization of Divine Oneness.

 While we all have access or at least potential to access our own being at each of these levels, our egos are structured in a rather specific way in any given epoch. What happens is that the ego assembles around a given level of consciousness reflected by our parents and the society at large in a given period of time. This is known as the assemblage point of the ego.

 In order to make a profound shift into another paradigm the assemblage point of the ego needs to be shifted. We need to ascend our consciousness from the paradigm of power to the paradigm of love (or higher). Each individual making this journey adds a little bit to the collective shifting of the assemblage point of our society.

 So that’s the next useful marker on our little exploration of leaving 3rd dimensional consciousness behind. But now we get to the truly profound work of transcending our egos and moving into an actual new paradigm.

 In order to do that, perhaps the first step is intention or aspiration. We need to make the call, at least inwardly, to use our energy to move more deeply into our hearts and into truth. (4th and 5th Chakras and 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness)

 Intention always sees us a long way, it’s perhaps the most important ingredient in any magic spell! And shifting your consciousness is a magic spell of epic proportion! I remember balking at my teachers suggestion that I place sticky notes all over my house that say “choose love” but I got around it by buying objects that reminded me of that and are beautiful too. The point is reminders are good! Many teachers try to remind of this all the time. The Dalai Lama has often stated that his religion is kindness. That’s it, kindness to others, the world and ourselves.

 As soon as there is a demand to choose love, we start to encounter all our obstacles to love. The obstacles are configurations in our egos, expertly put in place by our parents, schools and society at large, but long since internalized in our own selves as truth. These must generally slowly and painstaking be let go of. As Rumi so eloquently said it: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

 My own and many seekers experience will tell you that love in itself is somewhat unstable. The next task on the list on our map of permanent dimensional shifting is to find the tools that stabilize our love. The first is truth. We have to become dedicated followers of the truth. In order to aim for Truth we have to accept truth on our way. Sometimes this means facing some aspects of our ego that we would rather not. Other times this means expressing truth in a social or public setting. It’s a journey but the commitment to truth is an essential step.

 While we are at a beginner or even intermediate level of shifting paradigms it is really useful to get help. This is because most egos put up an almighty resistance to the idea that they are no longer useful or necessary. Many illusory aspects of the personality come into the light and if we are not careful we simply believe them and don’t grasp the transcendence that is literally possible right there on the horizon. In the process of our ascension we have to look at all our beliefs and ways of being and surrender them in truth and love to our own higher dimensional soul selves. As we do that our lives smooth out, we become more engaged and a sense of excitement and adventure is rekindled in us. We become part of the collective evolutionary process that our whole planet is on right now and we begin to experience our soul selves as part of the great cosmic plan. The intense experience of separation between ourselves and others as well as ourselves and the natural realms begins to dissolve. We begin to fully grasp and understand the complex process our civilization is going through at this time and to heal and restore ourselves into a natural and beautiful state of balance.

 I hope this article is inspiring for you and that you begin or continue on this path of deep soul work.

 Much Love and Many Blessings


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Author - Barbara Abdinor

Published - 2016-09-23