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What is Life Alignment and Body Spin

Body Spin is an introductory healing modality which is entry level into Life Alignment. Life Alignment is an internationally recognised healing system that works with both our body and our environment. In the Body Spin workshop we teach our students how to access 20 systems of the Body comprising of  the following; Neurological, Chakra, Circulatory, Central Nervous, Chakra, Autonomic Nervous, Endocrine, Cardiovascular, Skeletal, Structural, Joint, Immune, Respiratory, Lymphatic, Hepatic Biliary, Connective tissue, Detoxification, Digestive, Reproductive, and Urinary.

What is your body made up of? Tissues and organs. What are tissues and organs made of? Cells. What are cells made of? Molecules. What are molecules made of? Atoms. What are atoms made of? Sub-atomic particles. What are subatomic particles made of? Energy! We are pure energy and this energy is constantly changing beneath the surface of your body and did you know that you control it all with your amazing mind?

The root cause of much of the energy the gets stuck in your body arises first from your thoughts and it’s your thoughts which creates your emotions. The combination of your thoughts and your emotions are what create and make changes in your body’s physiology. Thus Life Alignments slogan, ‘The issue is in the tissue’

The skill of a Life Alignment practitioner is to find these ‘issues’ that are stored in the body and transform the emotional charge that this it has at a cellular level.. Once the emotional charge has been transformed through a variety of techniques the body is then free to come back into perfect balance.

Life Alignment is an interactive process between client and practitioner based on energy psycology. The process gets immediately to the root cause of any issue and balances it. You will be empowered to live the life you deserve in full abundance and work towards inner peace and tranquility.

Author - Christine Hardy

Published - 2016-09-28