My personal Journey with Divine Mother, how she healed me and how you can hear her.

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How Divine Mother Healed Me

My Personal Journey with Divine Mother 

Divine Mother - Mother God as I understand her from within me -  is pure Love. She wants to build a loving relationship with you  and she wants to empower you to live your life with more integrity, power and grace.  This is my story...

About 25 years ago, I had my first encounter with whom I realised later on was the Divine Mother (Mother God).  From that moment on  I began to explore different traditions of Truth that acknowledged her. My daily prayer – many times with tears of yearning – became the following: “Please Divine Mother – Ma – help me to hear you. I just want to be able to hear what you are saying to me because I love you so and I need you”. On one occasion after that, she gave me my spiritual name – Chaturi which is Sri Lankan and means, clever. But I did not hear from her after that and my yearning and devotion grew.

Eventually, in 2014 that prayer was answered when I found my teacher, Rev Connie Huebner who taught me how to hear from Divine Mother and how to cultivate a loving relationship with her. I now 'hear' within and sense Divine Mother strongly with my subtle senses. I don’t hear her with my physical ears, but her Divine, Loving  presence expands from within me so intensly and  beautifully, that I am able to feel and sense her vibratory messages and intuit what she is saying into words. I feel fulfilled and want to share her with everyone, because you can do this too! Everyone has the inate ability to communicate with the Divine. We just need to be shown how to reconnect. 

I have seen how Divine Mother touches people and how they open their hearts to her so beautifully. She has healed me from Facet Joint Arthrosis as I stood in India on the banks of Ma Ganga (the Ganges River which is also one aspect of Divine Mother). I am now pain free. At one time the pain returned for one day and She spoke that evening and said “I flow EVERYWHERE” and immediately the pain left.

Now I want to share her with you.

Author - Chaturi Ma

Published - 2016-11-16