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I am passionate about helping people drop off their baggage ... It is heavy.. It weighs us down... We get so used to it, we even forget that it's there. It becomes part of us. We don't even know how to drop it.
I know.
I have been there.
The baggage knows it is there though... And reminds us in many ways..
Through dis-ease.... ...
In whatever form.
I tried and I tried, EVERYTHING. I read every book. I went for therapy. I joined groups. I took the medication. I worked until burnout. I took advice from the professionals. I even STUDIED psychology in order to let go of this heavy baggage. I wanted to fill this void .. But the baggage filled it, so nothing else could fit. But it was so uncomfortable ... So I kept trying different ways to fill it for years and years and years.
But just never could drop that baggage no matter how hard I tried.
AND to keep opening that baggage over and over again is painful, traumatic and tiresome isn't it?

NOW allow me to share this with you:
You don't need to open that baggage anymore!
You can let it go.
You can fill the void.
You can be free.
It does NOT have to be traumatic.
It does NOT need to take years and years .. In fact it can take 8 hours (or less )... How long do you want it to take?

It happened to me.
It can happen to you.

Lots of Love



Author - Beverly Veltman

Published - 2016-12-02