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Take charge of your destiny! Gather information, learn what you need to know to put you in a position to be in dominion in your domain. Get your ducks in a row, accepting that ultimately you are accountable for shaping your experiences. Be enthusiastic about the process; burn away self-doubt, victim-hood and bad attitudes, cast procrastination into the fire of ambition. Be brave, driving yourself to war with all that seeks to control you. Establish your inner locus of dominance. Use the intelligence of Order and Outcome to become informed and get cracking. With the fresh wind of a new nine year cycle at your back and this optimistic fire energy with you, be bold in tackling and reshuffling your life in arenas not yet ship-shape. Expand your social network, allowing this feisty but ultimately cheerful energy to marshal troops, in your inner and outer world.


JAN & OCT       Truth comes knocking on your door. Exciting if you're up for a paradigm shift, prepared to re-structure your world according to information presented,drama potential high if you're still trying to avoid reality. Healing potential at its highest, if you can integrate the facts.

FEB & NOV       Establishing order while juggling, as your universe expands, may be a trial. Letting go of all you've outgrown is key. As is laughter and accommodating incoming information in a flexible fashion. Lighten up, be prepared to change your mind entirely. Travel helps.

MAR & DEC      Family, friends, intimate relationships – love in all it's forms, both beautiful and not – demands attention. The goal, peace. Compassion facilitates diplomatic negotiations. Bring heart to it all, passionately embracing learning about life through interpersonal relating and you win.

APRIL              Carve out quiet times for careful and deep reflection upon facts gathered. Ponder the deep still pool of your soul in solitude, expanding your consciousness around dreams both literal and unformed. Withdraw from the world sufficiently to be the philosopher for fresh insights to emerge.

MAY                Practical, earthly matters are forefront, demanding decisions and actions, one way or the other. Casual, non-committal approaches could be costly; it's time to put a period to it or dig deeper, work harder, invest fully. Either way it's intense; burdensome or richly rewarding. You the creator.

JUNE              Forgiveness paves the path to lightness of being and fun. As do attitudes open to the possibility that anything can happen. Be childlike in approach, creatively painting the world you prefer without limitations of perspective. Being responsible, bend rules and push back boundaries.

JULY              Step up and have your voice heard, assertively as necessary to ensure a win. Sure, you may have to re-examine self-confidence issues yet again, but it's time to step out of the shadows and make your mark. This may require a new, inventive approach and some sincere self-love. Go for it!

AUG              The focus is on feelings, the breeding ground, relationships. Learn new ways of nurturing self and others, honour boundaries, stalk over-sensitivity and its battleship defensiveness. Home is the highlight, invest in making nest and all it takes to generate a happy house for self and others.

SEPT            Take control of your mind, study and practice the art of creating good cheer. Be as demanding on yourself as mastering it requires and you will feel good. Reach out to your circle, allowing them to support you in efforts to secure happiness. Be ambitious in all efforts to Become.

For a current, personalised and detailed reading and consciousness coaching session, please contact me directly on 0833256704 to book a time. 

Author - Ath Oosterbroek

Published - 2017-03-06