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The winds of change and expansion are blowing; release anything holding you back, to evolve. Allow restlessness to provide impetus, guarding against being scattered or indecisive as new ways forward are presented. As mental energy is highly charged, focus is crucial or your world becomes a whirlwind. Logic is your friend as crossroads present choices; be analytical and unhurried when choosing direction, then let go of the shore and take bold leaps forward. You can't cross a chasm in small steps. A busy period that demands flexibility and mastery of juggling, just make sure you don't take on more balls than you can keep an eye on. Yoga breath, down time and humour are important components in combating stress. Change of faces and places are an antidote to boredom. Stalk over-active mental activity, especially indicators like being ultra critical or sharp-tongued. Correctly managed this is a buoyant, lively time in which great strides forward can be accomplished, especially in the arena of what it means to be free.


Jan & Oct Choices centre around the heart; romance, sex, sensuality, pleasure - passion in any form. Ignite anew the fire within, tend it lovingly. Invest in significant relationships, pursue peace. Release guilt or jealousy. Be compassion. Love is key.

Feb & Nov Allow deep introspection, accessing obscure emotional content, to release anything that's been holding you back from pursuing your grandest dreams. Retreat to the cave for quiet, necessary for profound pondering. Some solitude is mandatory.

Mar & Dec Definitive choices facilitate necessary steps in completion; work hard, invest in practical arenas. Get going and do it. Finances and property are highlighted, a period to lay new foundations, build afresh. Balance is key to strength. Be brave. Dig deep.

April Focus on having an adventure, exploring the concept that anything is possible, to find fresh ways forward and the fun in life, within reason. Check for childishness and irresponsibility, foster forgiveness, be allowing and expansive, banish insecurity.

May Extremely busy times as you forge forward, let go of the past, foster a fresh start. Be assertive, but not aggressive, knowing that effective leaders are also team players. Drop self-confidence stuff, trust your ability to rejuvenate. Be innovative and bold.

June Be conscious of thoughts, they generate your emotions. Discharge worry and fear. Be kind to yourself, balancing impulses to nurture and fuss a lot on the home front with calm, quiet times. Choices around relationships stretch heart and mind.

July Establishing order is pivotal in control and optimum management of this fiery period and maximising career opportunities. Cheerful optimism is yours if you're in charge, bullying and bad attitude indicate a need to learn. Communicate clearly!

August Check in with reality to avoid drama and engender exciting fresh paradigms, either way, deal with the truth to minimize stress. Put realistic structures in place, getrid of what's not conducive to success. Managed correctly can be a thrilling fun time.

September   Prepare to expand thinking. Being non-attached to outcomes fosters adaptability. A critical but open mind stimulates appropriate responses in shifting sands. Broaden horizons, release defunct ideals. Redouble efforts to be conscious. Establish authentic freedom.

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Author - Ath Oosterbroek

Published - 2017-05-04